Theme and topics

The overall theme of the Working Week is Bridging the Gap between Cultures. The theme addresses the changes in current world and the importance of cultures and understanding the differences in different parts of the world including professional development, traditions and legislation at the same time when the world is more harmonised with common standards and global markets. These issues face also the surveying profession in all its fields. Marrakech and Morocco as cross roads of cultures for centuries is a perfect venue to focus on this topic. The Working Week will bring surveyors and land professionals from all over the world together to meet while specific focus will be given to the Arabic countries and the Francophone Africa.

The opening ceremony and three plenary sessions will address key issues of the surveying profession including latest development in surveying technology, land administration and land tenure, geospatial information, urbanisation and sustainable cities and their relations to cultural and regional diversity. On Friday morning the plenary session will at the same time be the General Assembly of ONIGT addressing key issues in Morocco such as environment and sustainable development. This session offers a showcase of Moroccan and international experiences for all Working Week participants.

The technical programme will include a broad professional and scientific programme with eight slots each offering from 8 up to 10 parallel sessions and workshops. With flash presentations the programme offers more than 400 presentations in a three-day technical programme.

All ten FIG technical commissions will attend the conference and papers are therefore requested to all the following topics:

  • Professional Standards and Practice
  • Professional Education
  • Spatial Information Management
  • Hydrography
  • Positioning and Measurement
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Cadastre and Land Management
  • Spatial Planning and Development
  • Valuation and the Management of Real Estate
  • Construction Economics and Management.

See detailed topics in the Call for papers.