figlogo.gif (1705 bytes)   FIG 22nd General Assembly
  31 May and 4 June 1999
  Sun City, South Africa

Appendix to item 9: Congress Director's report
Version 2, 13 April 1999


Volume 0 contained details of the event together with the text of Opening and other Keynote speeches. It was published in November 1998 and a copy was sent to every delegate.

Financially the Congress covered most of the costs that had been underwritten by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors for the event itself, and for those associated with the period of the British Bureau. As it had always been our aim to break even rather to make a profit, this outcome was highly satisfactory.

In retrospect, the elements of FIG’98 which I consider particularly worth repeating are:

At the same time I believe that it is vital to retain the traditional "culture" of FIG Congresses – serious hard work and professional standards are facilitated but without anyone becoming solemn about it!

Given these ingredients, I believe we can we satisfy most of the demands of the whole FIG "family"– from those experiencing their nth event, to the first-time delegate.

I wish our American colleagues the best of all-possible enjoyment and success in the running of FIG’02. I look forward to being there!

John Leonard
Congress Director 1998

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