figlogo.gif (1705 bytes)   FIG 22nd General Assembly
  31 May and 4 June 1999
  Sun City, South Africa

Appendix on item 13: IUSM



1.1 IUSM has had a difficult history since its formation in 1989. In that year at the PC Meeting in Budapest, FIG expressed a number of concerns but agreed to participate in the new Union. In subsequent years few tangible things came out of the IUSM. Several joint working groups were established but little was achieved that FIG could not have done (or did not do) on its own. In 1995 a meeting was held in Boulder, Colorado to try to breathe more life into the organisation. New Statutes were prepared and a new programme was proposed but little happened as a result of this meeting. In 1997 at the annual meeting of the IUSM Council in Monte Carlo continuing concern was expressed about the aims and objectives of the organisation, after which ISPRS decided to withdraw its membership. In 1998 the Executive Board met in Brighton and drew up a further action plan with delivery dates. FIG met its commitment within the allotted time scale; two other members sent in reports several months late; and by January the remaining two still had not delivered. At its meeting in Copenhagen in February 1999, the Bureau decided that it was time to call a halt and to seek an alternative approach. It accordingly agreed to inform IUSM that it would not be participating in the Executive Board meeting in May and that it would be recommending to the General Assembly that FIG should resign from IUSM.

1.2 Although the subscription level of membership of IUSM is low (3,000 French francs per annum) the time, effort and hidden costs that arise are not inconsiderable. The Bureau considers that its resources could be better employed through a series of bilateral agreements between FIG and the individual members of IUSM, as well as with ISPRS. The FIG/IHO joint working groups have already demonstrated the potential benefit of such partnerships. The President of FIG has therefore written to the Presidents of ISPRS, ICA, and IAG and to the Director of IHO offering to negotiate new bilateral agreements and Memoranda of Understanding. Part of these agreements will be clearly defined deliverables, tailored to the mutual needs of both societies. The President will report progress in these discussions at the General Assembly.

1.3 The General Assembly is invited to endorse the Bureau’s recommendations that FIG should terminate its membership of IUSM and instead seek to enter into a bilateral agreement with each of its other members and with ISPRS.

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