figlogo.gif (1705 bytes)   FIG 22nd General Assembly
  31 May and 4 June 1999
  Sun City, South Africa

Appendix to item 32: Report from ACCO


ACCO had three meetings during the FIG working week in Sun City. Main issues that were discussed were the future role of ACCO, the concept of future working weeks, working weeks 2000 and 2001 and commission involvement in several international initiatives like the new plan of action between UNCHS (Habitat) for 2000-2001. Various issues of operational character were discussed. Main results were:

Concept of the future working weeks

ACCO agreed that it is important to consider the concept of the future working weeks and to prepare guidelines for the hosting member association especially on the technical programme. These should include guidelines on the ways how local surveyors can be involved better in the technical programme (local papers in the technical sessions, technical tours and responsibilities of local representation in each of the commissions). ACCO is willing to discuss this issue in its meeting in January 2000 and come back with its recommendations at the General Assembly in Prague.

Working week 2000 and 2001

The technical programme for working week 2000 in Prague was approved with minor changes. The final programme will be ready by the end of June.

For working week 2001 the timetable for preparations were agreed so that the final programme will be ready at the General Assembly in Prague.

Co-operation with other organisations

Commission 7 support in principle to contribute in the FAO project on thesaurus on land tenure but final decision will be made at the commission 7 annual meeting in New Zealand in October 1999. The French member associations are also willing to investigate possibilities to participate in this project.

For the FIG-UNCHS (Habitat) Memorandum of Understanding was supported and at least commissions 3, 7 and 8 are willing to participate.

ACCO meeting in Copenhagen

ACCO decided to arrange meeting between commission chairs (possibly vice-chairs) and Bureau members combined to the Bureau meeting in Copenhagen 13-14 January 2000. By that time discussion platform will be established through FIG home page. The meeting in Copenhagen will concentrate on the future strategies of FIG and on implementing the Bureau work plan for 2000-2003.

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