figlogo.gif (1705 bytes)   FIG 22nd General Assembly
  31 May and 4 June 1999
  Sun City, South Africa

Appendix to item 10: reports from Chairs of Commissions et al.
FIG Multi-Lingual Dictionary


Report to the FIG 22nd General Assembly
Sun City 30 May - 4 June 1999

  1. Since revision of the dictionary was resumed by the IfAG (now the Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie - BKG) in 1992 nine volumes have been published and presented to the surveying community:

in 1995 volume 4

volume 5

„Cadastral surveying and cadastre" (894 entries)

„Geodetic instruments" (974 entries)

in 1996 volume 13

volume 14

„Property valuation" (337 entries)

„Land consolidation" (262 entries)

in 1997 volume 6 „Topography" (529 entries)
in 1998 volume 10

volume 12'

volume 15

„Engineering surveying" (381 entries)

„Mine surveying" (1,309 entries)

„Urban planning, regional policy" (496 entries)

in 1999 volume 3 „Geodetic surveying" (558 entries)
  1. Editorial scientific-technical work for the German parts of
volume 1 „Theory of errors, adjustment methods and mathematical statistics" (863 entries)
volume 7 „Photogrammetry and remote sensing" (1,123 entries)
volume 17 „General terms" (667 entries)

is completed.

Revision work continues on

volume 2 „Geodesy"
volume 8 „Cartography"


volume 17 „General terms"

the verification of the English equivalent terms is completed,
the verification of the French equivalent terms continues.

Verification of the English and French equivalent terms continues for

volume 1 „Theory of errors, adjustment methods and mathematical statistics"
volume 7 „Photogrammetry and remote sensing"

Volume 11 „Hydrographic surveying" is being prepared for printing to be published before the end of 1999.

  1. The working group at BKG is supported by FIG and its member associations. With the help of the Deutscher Verband Chartered Surveyors, an expert for the preparation of English equivalent terms for volume 17 has been found. The Association Franç aise de Topographie continues to co-ordinate the verification of French equivalent terms - work in which the Schweizerischer Verein für Vermessung und Kulturtechnik is also involved.
  1. In general, good progress is being made; but the works needs further support from FIG and its member associations, especially in verifying foreign language equivalent terms proposed by the BKG and in promoting volumes of the dictionary to surveying associations.
  1. The aim of the BKG working group remains to complete revision and publication of the remaining volumes of the dictionary as soon as possible, with the continuing support of all involved in this work.

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