23rd FIG General Assembly, Prague 2000


Report of the President of the Education Foundation


The annual meeting of the FIG Education Foundation was attended by 5 of the 7 member associations (Austria, Australia, Finland, Germany and RICS, UK) and the 4 Directors of the Board of Directors.


Contributions to the FIG Education Foundation during fiscal year 2000 (ending 29th February) were AU$7,828.50 compared to AU$16,274.74 in 1999. Total current assets held by the Foundation as of 28 February, 2000, were AU$36,363.75 (AU$27,790,55 in 1999).

The accounts do not include the voluntary contributions made in the connection to registration to the FIG working week 1999 in Sun City (US$ 2,200), money collected during a conference in Perth, Australia (AU$980) and the donation to the Foundation made by Prof. Ian Williamson from the result of the FIG/UN Conference in Melbourne (US$5,000).

34 people registering for the Working Week in Prague each contributed US$ 25 and 6 persons US$50 to the Foundation through check-off on their registrations for a total of US$1,150 - not included in the 29/2/2000 balance.

For the future Congresses and Working Weeks registrants will be invited to contribute to the Foundation by voluntary mark-off on their registration forms, in Korea that will be the equivalent of either $25 or $50. At the Washington Congress the possibility to include this directly in the registration fee (budget) will be studied.

Board of Directors

The new Board of Directors is Holger Magel, Chair, Stig Enemark (Denmark) and Iain Greenway (UK) appointed by FIG and John Curdie and John Medbury appointed by the Institute of Surveyors of Australia (ISA).

Future of the Foundation

After the establishment of the permanent office it has become obvious that the management of the FIG Education Foundation should be linked to the FIG office. The annual meeting therefore decided to transfer the administration of the Foundation and its funds to Denmark and to start transfer the whole foundation to Denmark that will help the daily administration of the Foundation.

The annual meeting decided unanimously therefore to suggest to the FIG General Assembly that it decide to establish an FIG Foundation under FIG umbrella by transferring the FIG Education Foundation from Australia to Denmark and to make the necessary legal actions and commitments that are needed and further to keep the goals and principles of the FIG Education Foundation as long as possible.

FIG Education Foundation
Prof. Holger Magel
President of the FIG Education Foundation

26 May 2000

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