24th FIG General Assembly, Seoul 2001

Appendix to item 6.1.6


1. Name of association

- in own language: 

- in English (if different from above): Mongolian Association of Surveying and Mapping (MASM)

2. Address: Ikh toiruu 4 , Ulaanbaatar 210644, MONGOLIA

3. Telephone:+ 976 11 322 683

4. Fax: + 976 11 322 683

5. E-mail: sagac@mongol.net 

Home page address: N/A

6. Name of President: Dr. M. Enkhbayar

7. Administration:

Is the above address the address of the permanent office of the association? If so, please state the name of the chief executive and the number of any other permanent staff members:

8. Date of formation of association: July 1970.

9. Objectives and ethics

Please summarize on a separate sheet the objectives of the association and state whether it enforces disciplinary procedures ; and enclose a copy of its constitution and rules (including, where applicable, its code of conduct) : Organize and regulate the practices of the professions

10. Routes of entry to membership

Please provide the following information on a separate sheet

  • The title held by qualified members of the association: 
  • The level of academic qualification required to obtain the title:
  • Whether academic training programs to this level are available in your country ( if not, please state how and where members obtain their academic training): 
  • What approved professional experience is required on completion of academic training and prior to acquisition of the title: 
  • What the requirements are for continuing professional development and whether this is mandatory or voluntary:
  • If the association also admits technician or sub-professional members and, if so, the qualifications required for entry to this grade of membership: 

11. Members

  • No. Of holders the title: Totally 100 
    • qualified: 80
    • qualifying: 20
  • No. Of technician or sub-professional members
    • qualified 10
    • qualifying 10

12. Specialisations

% Of qualified members whose principal specialisation is

Positioning / measurement (GPS)
Engineering surveys
Cadastre / land management
Spatial planning / development
Valuation / real estate management
Construction cost management 

10 %
10 %
40 %
20 %
5 %
5 %
10 %

13. Statutory recognition

Is the association constituted by statute? The Mongolian Association of Surveying and Mapping is formed by the Law of Mongolia on Geodesy and Cartography.

Please list on a separate sheet those activities undertaken by your members which are regulated by statute and state whether any or all of these can be performed only by members of your association. If not, please state who else can acquire the title to perform any of the activities.

14. Employment

% of qualified members

Self-employed and employed in private practice
Employed by government
Employed in the commercial or other sectors

20 %
20 %
50 %
10 %

15. Subscriptions

Please state the annual subscription payable by each grade of membership.

16. Services to members

Does the association publish a journal (if so, please state title and frequency)

Yes, MASM is publishing a journal annually. The title is Surveying and Mapping News.

Please list on a separate sheet any other services that association provides for its members.

FIG office

10 May 2001

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