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2012 FIG Foundation Young Surveyor Conference Fellowships

The 2012 FIG Foundation Young Surveyor Conference Fellowships will provide funding for individuals to cover the costs to attend and participate in the 2012 FIG Working Week in Rome, including attendance at the FIG Young Surveyor Conference.

Up to four (4) Fellowships will be available, to cover the costs of travel, accommodation during the FIG Young Surveyors Conference and FIG Working Week and conference registration. Fellowships include attendance at the FIG Foundation Dinner, the FIG Gala Dinner and Commission dinner.

The 2012 FIG Young Surveyors Conference and Working Week in Rome

The 2012 FIG Working Week to be held in Rome, Italy, will be the first FIG Working Week to host an additional Young Surveyors Conference immediately prior to the main Working Week events. The FIG Young Surveyors Conference will be held on the 4th-5th May 2012, hosted by the National Council of Italian Surveyors, whist the full Working Week will run from 6th – 10th May. The aim of the additional young surveyor sessions will be to further the network of young surveyors internationally, to introduce young surveyors to the wider Working Week, and to learn more of the young surveyor vision for the future of the FIG.

Guidance Notes for Application


The following conditions apply for the Fellowships:

  1. Applicants must be nationals of developing countries and must also be currently living in one of the eligible countries
    (Note that ‘developing countries’ are determined to be those listed as low-income economies or lower-middle-income economies by World Bank: http://data.worldbank.org/country)
  2. Applicants must be active within their local surveying professional body OR demonstrate a willingness and ability to be active in representing youth and the surveying profession in the future. Applicants are expected to continue as active contributors to the FIG Young Surveyors Network following attendance.
  3. Applicants must be working or studying in the field of surveying, as defined in the FIG Definition of the Surveyor. Applicants must be ‘young surveyors’, being 35 years or under on the application closing date OR having graduated from a Bachelor or Masters degree no earlier than 1 November 2001.
  4. Applicants must submit a short paper (No more than 1000 words), video (No more than 5 minutes) or poster (No larger than A1) on the topic “Young Surveyor Vision for the Future of the Profession”.
    Note from the FIG Young Surveyors Network: The aim of this submission is to hear your ideas on what the future of surveying may look like – so be creative! Think about the role of the FIG – what should such an organisation strive to achieve? We also want to hear how you intend to play a role in this future - what would you do to foster young surveyors, and how will young surveyors create this future? Remember: we want short, to the point answers so feel free to use bullet points or alternative formats like video or posters.

  5. Applicants must submit two written references and provide the contact details of two referees, ideally one current employer and one current or previous academic supervisor.
  6. The closing date for applications is 1 November 2011. All applications must be received by this date;
Application form

To apply you need to fill in an application form. Completed forms and submission of full paper must be received by the FIG Office on or before 1 December 2011 (deadline extended). Late applications will not be accepted.


Please send:

  • the application form
  • attach a separate paper (multimedia formats also accepted) outlining your vision for the future of the surveying profession
  • two written references which include the contactt details of referees

to fig@fig.net no later than 1 December 2011 (extended deadline)

  • Written formats should be no more than 1000 words, multimedia formats no more than 5 minutes. Please contact the FIG Office for advice on other formats.
  • Submissions will be judged according to creativity and relevance to the roles of the FIG and the FIG Young Surveyors Network.

By post:

The FIG Foundation
c/o FIG
Kalvebod Brygge 31-33
DK-1780 Copenhagen V
Tel. + 45 3886 1081
Fax + 45 3886 0252
E-mail: fig@fig.net

About The FIG Foundation

The FIG Foundation is established under the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) which is registered under Danish legislation in Denmark. The purpose of the Foundation is
the funding of educational and capacity building projects and scholarships. The objects are:

  • To give grants and scholarships to projects, for instance to develop curricula for surveying education, training and capacity building, especially in developing countries;
  • To encourage research into all disciplines of surveying and to disseminate the results of that research;
  • To promote high standards of education and training for surveyors and to facilitate continuing professional development;
  • To educate people in the disciplines of surveying, particularly in developing countries and countries in transition;
  • To promote the use of distance learning, networking , eLearning and knowledge management in surveying education and continuing professional development;
  • To promote the exchange of surveying personnel for greater understanding of all facets of the profession of surveying;
  • To support by seed funding conferences, meetings of young surveyors and similar events in co-operation with international agencies such as the United Nations.

The Foundation is administered by the FIG Office in Copenhagen directed by a Board of Directors. For further information visit www.fig.net/figfoundation

The FIG Young Surveyors Network

The FIG Young Surveyors Network was first established as a Working Group of Commission 1 at the FIG Congress in Munich in 2006 to encourage young surveyor involvement in the FIG community and to foster wider awareness of the FIG to young professionals. In 2009 the working group formally became the FIG Young Surveyors Network, with the acknowledgement that young surveyors are the future of the FIG.

All young surveyors - defined as those in the surveying profession who are either:

  • 35 years or under OR
  • Students studying a surveying discipline OR
  • have graduated from a Bachelor or Masters degree within the last ten years

are automatically members of the FIG Young Surveyors Network. There is significant opportunity to become involved in the wider operation of the Young Surveyors Network, please email fig.youngsurveyors@gmail.com  for more information.


To facilitate an international network of young surveyors and as a result:

  • To promote international opportunities and experiences for young surveyors.
  • To improve the global image of surveying.

Goals for 2011-2014

Representation, Awareness and Support:

  • To represent young surveyor interests within the FIG
  • To improve young surveyor awareness of and involvement in FIG
  • To support local, regional, national and international networks of young surveyors by providing a forum for sharing knowledge, skills and experience. YSN Structure 

The International Federation of Surveyors

The International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) is an international, non-government organisation whose purpose is to support international collaboration for the progress of surveying in all fields and applications
FIG is the premier international organization representing the interests of surveyors worldwide. It is a federation of the national member associations and covers the whole range of professional fields within the global surveying community. It provides an international forum for discussion and development aiming to promote professional practice and standards. FIG was founded in 1878 in Paris and was known as the Fédération Internationale des Géomètres. This has become anglicized to the International Federation of Surveyors. It is a UN-recognized non-government organization (NGO), representing more than 120 countries throughout the world, and its aim is to ensure that the disciplines of surveying and all who practise them meet the needs of the markets and communities that they serve.
For more information, visit www.fig.net 


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