FIG President Stig Enemark attends
The Cambridge Conference, Cambridge, UK, July 2007

Cambridge, UK, 15-20 July 2007

St. John´s College environment

St. John´s College, Cambridge


Director General and Chief Executive
Vanessa V. Lawrence and FIG President Stig Enemark

President Stig Enemark attended the Cambridge Conference at St. John College,
Cambridge, UK, 15-20 July 2007 as a plenary session keynote speaker.

The tradition around the Cambridge Conferences is dating date back to 1928. Since then an
increasing number of chief executives from National Mapping Agencies around the world
have met at St. John College, Cambridge every four years to learn from each other and to
share ideas and insights. This year´s conference entitled “Expanding horizons in a shrinking
world” was attended by more than 200 participants from around 70 countries throughout
the world. The conference was organized by Ordnance Survey, UK and hosted by Director
General and Chief Executive Vanessa V. Lawrence.

The conference was organized with plenary sessions in the mornings supported by a range
of workshops in the afternoon. This provided a good mix keynote presentations and
discussions in the workshops. In addition, the social events and the unique environment at
the old college in Cambridge provided a highly interesting conference held in a quite
informal atmosphere.

Many interesting presentations were given by key people such as Dozie Ezigbalike, UN
Economic Commission for Africa; David Cowen, Chair of Committee on Land Parcel
databases: A National Vision, USA; Michael Jones, Chief Technology Officer, Google
Earth; David Spackman, Chief Executive MapAction; Knut Flåthen, Director General,
Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority; Jeff Labonté, Director General,Earth Science
Sector, Natural Resources Canada; Peter Larakker, Director of Strategy and Policy,
Cadastre , land Registry and Mapping Agency, The Netherlands; David Maguire, Director
of Products and International, ESRI. Full proceedings are available at

The range of workshop included issues such as: Land Administration in the 21st Century;
Models for Geospatial Rights Management; Education; Mapping for Disaster Management;
Licensing; Reference Frameworks and Active networks; The Business of SDI´s; International Boundaries; GI Knowledge Portal; A special workshop on Capacity Development was conducted by Iain Greenway, Chief Executive, Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

The full program is available at  

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