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The FIG Governance 2021 Debate is soon to start!

July 2019

The FIG Task Force on Govenance 2021 is to set to go live  in the upcoming weeks- we have devised an interactive approach and will be trailing a digitally communication platform, providing you with a means to debate on strategic questions , information resources, and signposts to thought leadership.

The first engagement will go live in August/September -  At that time, do please check the Task Force GOV2021 home page  where you will find details soon on how to log on to the engagement platform. 

It will be the first of a series of consutlations over the next 18 months held between the FIG working weeks (where a round table will be scheduled).   We aim to keep it innovative so our debates with you will use a variety of on-line formats.  The indicative ‘Road map of the debating work packages (WP) can be found here.  An interim report will be presented at the FIG WW in Amsterdam in 2020 with the final report in Gahan 2021.

Context: The world in 2019 is very different from 1800’s, when FIG was founded.  As an organisation we have held several reviews in the past; but now society is facing unprecedented changes in our world.  The impact of big data and artificial intelligence, climate change, urbanisation on an unprecedented scale are just a few of the challenges we now face.

What: The Task Force  strategic question and/ or outcome is to consider if the FIG governance framework (which includes the administration and organisational structure) is effective, efficient and dynamic so as to meet the future needs and expectations of members – i.e. is it fit for the future.

How: As agreed at the FIG General Assembly in Hanoi 2019 - The current structure and function of FIG is to be evaluated, via a participatory process. Why are adopting this larger consultative process?  Because effectively a crowdsourcing collaborative approach means we are including you as a body of people (experts and non- experts) to contribute to our defined project problem to benefit from the wisdom of us all.  We will also invite our key stakeholders to this debating forum.

YYour influence and participation: All members may sign up to the web platform where you can engage with the debate as it is ongoing.  The first posting at the end of July will outline the road map for the first 6 week debate.   As a moderated, on-line discussion you will be able to dip in-and-out, to make your own comments throughout the 6 week period as more and more questions arise and views are shared.

The Task force looks forward to hearing your views during August and September.

Diane Dumashie
FIG Vice President, Chair FIG Task Force Governance 2021 /p>

July 2019