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Invitation: FIG Commission 3 Annual Meeting and Workshop

23-28 September 2019, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

FIG Commission 3 Annual Meeting and Workshop will be held within the 1st edition of Romanian Surveying Week, organized by the Romanian Surveyors Union (UGR) and the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca (USAMV Cluj-Napoca) in Cluj-Napoca from 23-26 September 2019.

The theme of FIG Commission 3 Annual Meeting and Workshop ‘Advances in Geodata Analytics for Smart Cities and Regions’ addresses the role of the geospatial scientific and professional community in shaping the future of urban and regional development by creating new opportunities.

Romanian Surveying Week that includes FIG Commission 3 meeting will create the professional frame and environment for discussions, exchanging knowledge and experience among surveyors, and other professionals in spatial information, regional development, geomatics and property valuation. Still it is one more opportunity to enhance the awareness and importance regarding our profession in Romania, Europe and worldwide, in connection with many other activity fields.

Romanian Surveying Week gives to the participants the opportunity to present papers, debate and communicate in a professional and scientific manner highlighting their own contribution finding out smart technical solutions in order to ensure sustainable development for a smart society.

Read more about the event and see the programme at: 


Louise Friis-Hansen
16 July 2019