24th FIG General Assembly, Seoul 2001

Appendix to item 6.1.1


1. Name of association 


– in own language


– in English (if different from above)

Professional Association of Real Estate Specialists and Surveyors – PARESS

2. Address

37 Israelyan St., Ent.1, Studio #2, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

3. Telephone

+ 374 1 56 12 03

4. Fax

+ 374 1 56 12 03

5. E-mail address


6. Web site


7. Name of President

Petros Soghomonian

8. Administration: Gurgen Musheghian, Grigor Avetian, Aleksan Sahakian, Karapet Hovhanesian, Larisa Manukian, Gagik Begdjanian

Is the above address the address of the permanent office of the association? If so, please state the name of the chief executive and the number of any other permanent staff members

Chief Executive: Petros Soghomonian

Permanent staff members: 7

9. Date of formation of association

28 February 2000

10. Objectives and ethics (attached)

Please summarise on a separate sheet the objectives of the association and state whether it enforces disciplinary procedures; and enclose a copy of its constitution and rules (including, where applicable, its code of conduct).

11. Routes of entry to membership

Please provide the following information on a separate sheet
– the title held by qualified members of the association
– the level of academic qualification required to obtain the title
– whether academic training programmes to this level are available in your country (if not, please state how and where members obtain their academic training)
– what approved professional experience is required on completion of academic training and prior to acquisition of the title
– what the requirements are for continuing professional development and whether this is mandatory or voluntary
–if the association also admits technician or sub-professional members and, if so, the qualifications required for entry to this grade of membership

12. Members


No. of holders the title


– qualified


– qualifying


No. of technician or sub-professional members


– qualified


– qualifying


13. Specialisations
% of qualified members whose principal specialisation is


– hydrography


– positioning/measurement


– engineering surveys


– cadastre/land management


– spatial planning/development


– valuation/real estate management


– construction cost management


N.B. Some members carry out several qualifications simultaneously

14. Statutory recognition

Is the association constituted by statute? The organisation is recognised as a legal entity by the Ministry of Justice of Armenia.

Please list on a separate sheet those activities undertaken by your members which are regulated by statute and state whether any or all of these can be performed only by members of your association. If not, please state who else can acquire the title to perform any of the activities.

15. Employment


% of qualified members


– self-employed and
employed in private practice


– teaching


– employed by government


– employed in the commercial
or other sectors


16. Subscriptions


Please state the annual subscription payable by each grade of membership

USD 12-60 annual depending on grade of membership

17. Services to members

Does the association publish a journal (if so, please state title and frequency)

Information Bulletin "PARESS", Quarterly

Please list on a separate sheet any other services that the association provides for its members.

10. Objectives of the Association

  1. Assist the solution of social, legal and cultural problems of the country and assist democratic reforms;
  2. Assist the further development of science and culture, promote the development of advanced experience of knowledge, modern technologies and scientific-technical achievements;
  3. Promote achievement of trust towards real estate specialists, surveyors and their work;
  4. Organize press conferences on issues of in the sphere of Organization’s activities;
  5. Study the public opinion;
  6. Preparation and issue of information bulletins on nowadays technologies and scientific and technical achievements in the fields of issues concerning real estate, survey, price development, improvements in accordance with the procedure stipulated b y the Republic of Armenia’s legislation;
  7. {Provide technical, methodological, legal, advisory assistance and support to physical and legal persons on issues concerning the sphere of activities of the Organization;
  8. Organize Training courses for physical and legal persons;
  9. Actively promote the importance of the role of real estate specialists and surveyors;
  10. Elaboration of draft normative acts in the field of activities of the Organization, on public basis.

11. Routes of entry to membership

  1. Joining to the Organization is voluntary.
  2. Armenian citizens, as well as foreign citizens, who accept the charter of the Organization, its objectives and tasks, and who are willing to contribute to the activities of the Organization may become members of the Organization
  3. It is possible to become a member of the Organization by submitting a written application and by the decision of the Board of the Organization
  4. The member of the Organization has the right to:
  1. elect and be elected in the management bodies of the Organization
  2. introduce proposals and recommendations to the management bodies of the Organization to improve the operation of the Organisation
  3. receive complete information on the operation of the Organisation
  4. be free to terminate the membership from the Organization to protect his legal interest, as well as receive financial and other support
  1. The member of the organization is obliged to:
  1. participate in the activities of the Organization
  2. put efforts to enhance the reputation of the Organization
  3. carry out requirements of the charter of the Organization and the decision of the management bodies
  4. support to attract new members into the Organization
  5. duly carry out all his obligations
  1. Board of the Organization may define disciplinary penalties, including dismissal from the membership, to the member, breaching the charter and disciplinary regulations of the Organization.

14. Activities of the Organization which are regulated by the statute

  1. Has a property, individual balance sheet, bank account in the Republic of Armenia and foreign currencies, stamp, name, seal;
  2. On his behalf may acquire property and non-property rights and carry certain responsibilities
  3. Has the right to:
  1. purchase structures, buildings, equipment, fixed and working assets, transportation means, tools, devices, other goods non prohibited by law, from state-owned or non-state institutions, organization, citizens and other owners;
  2. establish economic companies, or be a member thereof, and run business through the latter
  3. introduce and defend its and its members’ rights and legal interests in other public organisations, court, state and local bodies of self-management;
  4. Have funds in foreign currency, purchase or receive, and own such funds in all ways not prohibited by the Republic of Armenia’s legislation
  5. Have international relations, conclude contracts with foreign non-commercial and non-governmental organizations, be a member of international public organization;
  6. Plan its activities independently, create financial resources, define the internal organizational structure of the Organization, the list of subordinated and other structures and the management system;
  7. Publicize its activities;
  8. Establish information facilities;
  9. Have own logo;
  10. Carry out other activities non prohibited by the Republic of Armenia’s legislation;

FIG office

6 March 2001

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