24th FIG General Assembly, Seoul 2001

Appendix to item 9.6

Report for the 24th General Assembly
FIG Working Week in Seoul, 6-11 May 2001


1. Activities of the year

The Commission 6 programme of specific or related meetings for year 2000 has been a bit less intensive than last year:

  • XIII International Course on Engineering Surveying, Munich, 13-17 March 2000, co-sponsored by FIG Commissions 5 and 6. As usual, this course has been the most interesting and very successful. It was divided in two parts : a didactic introduction made of various tutorials and a symposium dedicated to engineering surveys.
  • FIG Working Week, Prague, 22-26 May 2000. The specific sessions of commission 6 and 5 gathered a set of interesting technical papers. A particular emphasis was put here on Quality Control and Quality Assurance Plans.
  • Joint Seminar of FIG Commissions 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7, Malta, 8-21 September 2000. This joint meeting has been successful at both respects: a very good professional and technical content, and an exceptional attendance of surveyors from all Mediterranean countries.

Regretfully, the seminar on Hydrostatic Levelling Systems, planned for October 2000, had to be cancelled - due to a sudden unavailability of the premises.

Commission 6 was also present at the Congress of the Institution of Mining Surveyors (ISM), held in Krakow in September 2000, where a Memorandum of Understanding have been signed - as a specific collaboration agreement between FIG and ISM. Commission 6 is concerned by many related topics of common interest:

  • Underground surveying: vertical transfers, traversing, gyro measurements, refraction index assessment in non-standard conditions, cross-section profiling, etc.;
  • Facility Management Systems, Topological and Graphical data for Exploitation & Maintenance Databases
  • Ground motion, stability control, deformation measurement and analysis, integrated multi-sensor surveys;
  • Monitoring, automatic follow-up of works (guiding of boring/grinding machines included)
  • Reliability of survey-related data versus specific safety aspects
2. Forthcoming events, in preparation

The main meetings already planned for year 2001 are :

  • 10th International Symposium on Deformation Measurements, Anaheim (California), 19-22 March 2001, sponsored by FIG Commission 6 (WG 6.1);
  • FIG Working Week 2001, Seoul (Korea), 6-11 May 2001, "New Technology for a New Century"
  • 5th conference on Optical 3-D measurement techniques, Vienna, 1-3 October 2001, co-sponsored by FIG Commission 6 (WG 6.2) and 5, IAG Special Commission 4 and ISPRS;
  • Facility management systems, transportation and utility lines, Berlin, 11-13 October 2001, sponsored by FIG Commission 6 (WG 6.4 & 6.5);
  • 7th International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment, JASRI Lab.(Japan), November 2001, co-sponsored by FIG Commission 6 (WG 6.3);

A possible joint meeting on "special surveying and monitoring techniques for construction works", to be organised by AFT (France), is still at the stage of investigations and contacts with national and international organisations interested in the subject.

Dr. Michel Mayoud
Chair of FIG Commission 6 (Engineering Surveys)
Email: mayoud@cern.ch

2 November 2000

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