24th FIG General Assembly, Seoul 2001

Appendix to item 15.2

Memorandum of Understanding between the International Society for Mine Surveying (ISM) and the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG)

1. Background

The International Society for Mine Surveying (ISM) and the International Federation of Surveyors (Fédération Internationale des Géomètres FIG) both recognise that each is an international organisation with many complementary activities serving similar professional constituencies involving research and development into varied aspects relating to surveying, mine surveying, engineering surveying and surveying techniques.

FIG specialises in technical and professional areas such as positioning and measurement, engineering surveys, hydrography, geographic information systems, infrastructure development, land and environmental planning and development, property valuation, and construction economics and procurement.

ISM covers the interpretation of the geology of mineral deposits in relation to the economic exploitation thereof, the investigation and negotiation of mineral mining rights, making and recording, and calculations of mine surveying measurements, mining cartography, investigation and prediction of effects of mine working on the surface and underground strata and mine planning in the context of local environment and subsequent rehabilitation.

2.  Purpose

The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to provide an effective framework for a continuing liaison between the two organisations, for maintaining and increasing the opportunities of technical exchange between their members through a continuing programme of co-operation leading to mutual sharing of knowledge and expertise to the advantage of the membership of both organisations.

3.  Programme of Activities

In accordance with the background and purpose as described above, both organisations agree to endeavour to intensify their co-operation for mutual benefit. By way of implementation, the following steps will be taken, among others:

  1. Regular contact should be established between the secretariats of both organisations and their elected leaderships to introduce and maintain continuing liaison between the two organisations.
  2. Each organisation should inform the other of all Commissions, Working Groups etc. that it has established and invite representation from the other on to each of these groups where it is agreed that it would be appropriate and sensible.
  3. The themes of mutual interests are identified at the moment:
  • General surveying aspects at surface or underground levels: GIS, GPS, Horizontal and Vertical control networks, vertical transfers, traversing, gyro measurements, refraction index assessment in non-standard conditions, cross-section profiling, etc.;
  • Environmental impacts, site restoration, etc.
  • Facility Management Systems, Topological and Graphical data for Exploitation & Maintenance Databases
  • Ground motion, stability control, deformation measurement and analysis, integrated multi-sensor surveys;
  • Monitoring, automatic follow-up of works (guiding of boring/grinding machines included)
  • Reliability of survey-related data versus specific Safety aspects
  1. Each organisation should inform the other of its programme of proposed seminars, workshops, etc. to enable consideration as to whether joint participation would be of mutual benefit and further inform its members on these events when appropriate (e.g. on its home page on Internet).
  2. Both organisations should study possibilities to organise specialised seminars or workshops under the both banners.
  3. Each organisation should invite a representative from the other organisation to attend ecah respective Congress.
4. Financial Commitment

It is understood that neither organisation can commit the other to any expenditure, save that from administering this agreement, without the specific written agreement of both organisations.

5. Legal Status

This Memorandum does not create a legal link between the two organisations who will maintain their mutual independence.

This Memorandum of Understanding is valid until ISM or FIG proposes changes to it. Each organisation has the right to propose changes to this Memorandum at any time. Any changes shall be subject to the agreement of both organisations.

Neither ISM nor FIG will make any agreements with associations which may conflict or compete with this Memorandum of Understanding before giving advance notice and securing the agreement of the other organisation.

On behalf of ISM  On behalf of FIG
Prof. Jerzy Chwastek
President of ISM

Krakow 4th September 2000                                          

Robert W. Foster
President of FIG

Krakow 4th September 2000

FIG Office

7 March 2001

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