24th FIG General Assembly, Seoul 2001

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Report for the 24th General Assembly
FIG Working Week in Seoul, 6-11 May 2001


1. Task Force Activities

The main subjects of the Task Force activities during the last year were to

  • intensify the contacts to UNCHS (Habitat)
  • fortify the contacts to the FIG Commissions 1 and 2
  • support the Task Force Group of FIG Commission 7 „Women's Access to Land"
  • get a survey on the participants of the FIG Congress 2002 in Washington and
  • extend the networking.
2. Contacts to UNCHS (Habitat)

The contacts between the Task Force on Under-Represented Groups in Surveying and UNCHS(Habitat) were intensified at the FIG Working Week in Prague. Dr. Sylvie Lacroux from Habitat gave two very interesting and informative presentations during the week. Her first presentation "The Security of Tenure in post-conflict Situations" was given at the technical session "Co-operation with International Bodies and Organisations". The second paper "Under-represented Groups in Urban Development Issues Including in the Professional Practice" prepared by Dr. Sylvie Lacroux, Diana Lee-Smith and Catalina Trujillo was presented at the first meeting of the Task Force. The discussion that followed her presentation gave a deep insight into the activities of Habitat.

In the meantime the Task Force became a member of the Habitat gendered-partner network in support of the Global Campaign on Secure Tenure.

3. Contacts to FIG Commissions 1 and 2

During both meetings in Prague the Task Force focussed on the aspects of Commissions work. Together with the Chairs of Commissions 1 and 2, John Parker and Kirsi Virrantaus, the Task Force generated several proposals for the new Task Force - Review of Commission, Task Force and Permanent Institution Structure 2000-2002, which was established in Prague. The General Assembly nominated Gabriele Dasse, Chair of the Task Force on Under-represented Groups, to be one of the seven members in this new Task Force so that there will be a direct link between the two task forces to facilitate the work. The Chairs of Commissions 1 and 2 and the Task Force also agreed to organise two joint sessions during the FIG Congress 2002 in Washington. The Task Force and Commission 1 will discuss "The Informal Ways to Surveying" and the Task Force and Commission 2 will discuss „The modern Profile of a Surveyor - new educational Contents for new Students".

4. Task Force Group of FIG Commission 7 „Women's Access to Land"

Until now three articles of the Task Force Group of FIG Commission 7 „Women's Access to Land" were published in the Task Force Newsletter giving the opportunity of a broader discussion and facilitating the implementation of the proposals.

5. Survey on the Participants of the FIG Congress 2002 in Washington

The proposals the Task Force made last year for an easier attendance of young professionals to FIG Congresses were discussed with Mary Clawson, Congress Director for Washington 2002. She agreed that from the Congress 2002 FIG will get, for the first time, a survey on the participants to the congress divided by commissions, gender, age and first attendees. Further proposals including a lower registration fee for students, to enable the attendance of students by assisting the organisers and to mark the nametags of participants attending the Congress for the first time have also been approved.

6. Networking

Using Internet and Mailing opportunities the contact to other gender working groups in national and international associations (e.g. Commission on Gender and Cartography of the International Cartographic Association ICA; ICEFloe Equal Opportunities Forum of the Institution of Civil Engineers, UK; Forum for Equal Opportunity of the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping) has been established. Background information concerning scientific research and decisions of the European Parliament could be distributed. The quarterly Newsletter gives information about all these activities and researches. During the Working Week in Prague also a number of young professionals from the Czech Republic attended the Task Force meetings and are now members of the mailing list.

Following reports were published with the issues 2/00, 3/00, 4/00 and 1/01 of the Newsletter:

  • Reflections to increase the Participation of Women in Surveying Studies, by Gabriele Dasse, Germany
  • Women's Access to Land - Experiences from Land Administration Projects, by Agneta Ericsson, Sweden
  • Women's Rights to Land, Housing and Property in Post-Conflict Situations and During Construction: Press Announcement by Habitat
  • Women and Science: some facts, some impressions, by Marysa Demoor, Belgium
  • Ethnic Minorities in Construction in Britain: Exclusion or Inclusion, by Clara H. Greed, UK
  • Resolution on Women and Science
  • Past - Present and Future of the ICA Commission on "Gender and Cartography", by Ewa Krzywicka-Blum and Eva Siekierska
  • American Congress on Surveying and Mapping/National Society of Professional Surveyors Forum for Equal Opportunity sets goals for 2001, by Gail Oliver, USA
  • Following Biographies were published:
    • Gerda Schennach, Austria
    • Wendy J. Woodbury Straight, USA
    • Jenny Whittal, South Africa
    • Marie Christine Robidoux, Canada
7. Activities during the FIG Working Week in Prague

The Task Force holds an open Workshop during the Working Week in Korea concerning the Network activities on Tuesday 8 May from 13.30 to 15.00.

In Session 19, "Curricula II - How to Manage and Keep the Curricula Contents Up-to-date?", the Task Force Chair presents a paper "Which Changes in the Curricula do we need to attract more Women to study Surveying?"

Gabriele Dasse
Chair, Task Force on Under-represented Groups in Surveying
Email: gabriele.dasse@gv.hamburg.de

22 January 2001

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