11th International FIG Symposium on Deformation Measurements

Nomicos Conference Centre
Santorini (Thera) Island, Greece
May 25-28, 2003
Hosted by:

The Geodesy and Geodetic Applications Lab. of the Department of Civil Engineering, Patras University, Greece

Sponsored by:

International Federation of Surveyors
Commission 6

Canadian Centre for Geodetic Engineering
University of New Brunswick

Dept of Civil Engineering


Edited by
Stathis C. Stiros and Stella Pytharouli

Hard copy is published as Publication no 2
Geodesy and Geodetic Applications Lab., Dept. of Civil Engineering, Patras University
Patras, October 2003

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The organization of the Symposium and the publication of this Proceedings Volume became possible thanks to the support of:

Main sponsors:

  • ERGOSE – Hellenic Railroad Construction Works SA, Athens
    Hellenic Ministry of the Aegean

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Scientific Committee
  • Anagnostopoulos, A., Athens
  • Bock, Y., San Diego
  • Brunner, F., Graz
  • Chen, Y.Q, Hong Kong
  • Chrzanowski, A., New Brunswick
  • Dodson, A., Nottingham
  • Fyticas, M., Thessaloniki
  • Jin, F., Shandong
  • Kasser, M., Paris
  • Kato, T., Tokyo
  • Mair, R., Cambridge
  • Marinos, P., Athens
  • Niemeir, W., Braunschweig
  • Prescott, W., Menlo Park
  • Proszynski, W., Warsaw
  • Rizos, C., Sidney
  • Savvaidis, P., Thessaloniki

Organizing Committee

  • V. Kontogianni, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Patras University, Patras
  • A. Koutsouveli, Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration, Athens
  • M. Liatsou, Heliotopos Conference Organizers, Athens
  • S. Papageorgiou, TAP, Ministry of Culture, Athens
  • S. Pytharouli, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Patras University, Patras
  • S. Stiros, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Patras University, Patras
  • P. Triantafyllidis, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Patras University, Patras
  • G. Vougioukalakis, Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration, Athens


Goals and achievements of FIG working group WG6.1 - Deformation Measurements and Analysis
Chrzanowski A., Ding X., Roberts G., Whitaker C.

A. Tectonophysics & Seismology

Α1 - Utilization of Continuous Operating Reference Stations (CORS) in Southern California for Deformation Monitoring
Duffy M., Whitaker C.

Α2 - Monitoring Vertical Movements in Mount Carmel Region
Even-Tzur G.

Α3 - Geodetically derived displacements and crustal deformation analysis. Application in the Volvi area
Fotiou A., Kagiadakis V., Pikridas Ch., Rossikopoulos D.

Α4 - Monitoring local geodynamical movemments and deformations by borehole tiltmeters in Hungary
Mentes G.

Α5 - Geodetic Monitoring of slow Deformations in a seismically active Region
Zippelt K.

Α6 - Deformation studies in the Corinthian gulf via multi-epoch analysis of geodetic data
Agatza-Balodimou A.M., Avallone A., Briole P., Karamitsos S., Marinou A., Mitsakaki C., Papazissi K., Veis G.

Α7 - Geodynamic investigations along the Mecsek-fault in Hungary using precise geodetic devices
Bányai L.

Α8 - Searching for Interrelation between Deformation and Stress Distribution in the Shallow Basement
Czarnecka K.

Α9 - Study on deformation parameter in Poland obtained from tectonophysics and GPS data analysis
Klek M., Jarosinski M., Rogowski J.,

Α10 - Geodynamic research concerning recent movements in the Karkonosze MTS. and Karkonosze foreland
Makolski K., Mierzelewski M., Bosy J.

Α11 - Geodynamics and Deformations of the sudetic geological structural blocks
Schenk V., Jechum΅lova Z., ScheΥkova Z., Bosy J., Pavel K.

B. Applications in Volcanology
Β1 - Numerical computation of deformation field in volcanic areas
Giberti G., Russo G.

Β2 - Monitoring and deformation analysis in Neapolitan volcanic area
Pingue F., Del Gaudio C., De Natale G., Obrizzo F., Sepe V., Cecere G., De Martino P., Malaspina S., Serio C., Siniscalchi V., Tammaro U.

Β3 - Geodetic evidence for slow inflation of the Santorini caldera
Stiros S., Chasapis A., Kontogianni V.

C1 - Deformation monitoring using remotely sensed radar interferometric data
Crosetto M., Arnaud A., Duro J., Biescas E., Agudo M.

C2 - Subsidence monitoring using contiguous and PS-InSAR: quality assessment based on precision and reliability
Hanssen R.

C3 - Integration of leveling and INSAR data for land subsidence monitoring
Odijk D., Kenselaar F.

C4 - The derivation of phase integer ambiguity from single INSAR pairs : Implications for differential interferometry
Sowter A.

C5 - Small Scale Surface Deformation Monitoring in Mining Regions Using Differential Radar Interferometry
Baran I. , Stewart M.

C6 - Identification and measurement of mining subsidence with SAR interferometry: potentials and limitations
Perski Z.

C7 - Differential Radar Interferometry for Mine Subsidence Monitoring
Ge L., Rizos C., Chang Hsing-Chung, Qin L., Chen Ming-Han

D. Instrumentation & New Techniques
D1 - Structural deformation measurement using terrestrial laser scanners
Gordon S. J., Lichti D. D., Stewart M. P.

D2 - A novel method of high precision height determination for industrial applications
Radovanovic R.S., Teskey W.F.

D3 - Real-Time monitoring of Highway Bridges using DREAMS
Hein G.W., Riedl B.

D4 - ALERT: A fully automated real-time monitoring system
Wilkins R., Bastin G., Chrzanowski A.

D5 - New monitoring techniques on the determination of structure deformations
Stathas D., Arabatzi O., Dogouris S., Piniotis G., Tsini D., Tsinis D.

D6 - Documentation and presentation of very steep rocky ground surfaces by geodetic methods
Balodimos D. D, Lambrou Ε. , Pantazis G.

D7 - GPS data stacking for small scale GPS deformation monitoring applications
Forward T., Stewart M. P., Tsakiri M.

D8 - Precise method gyrotheodolite azimuth determination
Kebbeih Y.

D9 - Experimental assessment of the accuracy of GPS Kinematic Techniques
for monitoring movements / oscillations of flexible engineering structures

Nickitopoulou A., Protopsalti K., Kontogianni V., Triantafillidis P., Stiros S.

D10 - Procedure for deformation detection using starnet
Setan H., Mohd Sharuddin I.

E. Applications in Geotechnical & Mining Engineering
E1 - Stability investigations of the high bank of river Danube in the area of Dunaföldvar
Bányai L.

E2 - Use of geodetic monitoring measurements in solving geomechanical problems in structural and mining engineering
Szostak-Chrzanowski A., Chrzanowski A., Massiéra M.

E3 - Long term geodetic monitoring of the deformation of a liquid storage tank founded on piles
Savaidis P.

E4 - Monitoring of a landslide in Vorarlberg/Austria
Depenthal C., Schmitt G.

E5 - A digital close-range photogrammetric technique for monitoring slope displacements
Stylianidis E., Patias P., Tsioukas V., Sechidis L., Georgiadis Ch.

E6 - A dynamic analysis method regarding underground water level changes
as causative force for creep landslides: A case study for north eastern Black Sea region’s landslides, in Turkey

Yalçankaya M., Bayrak T.

E7 - Automatic real-time monitoring system (ARMS) – A robotic solution to slope monitoring
Leung Kin-wah

E8 - A feasibility study into the requirements and methods of monitoring deformation
in the Niglintgak region of the Mackenzie delta

Tait M. , Moorman B.

E9 - Ten years of deformation study and proposed research program for the area of Polish cooper basin
Oszczak S., W. Alojzy, R. Zofia, Szostak-Chrzanowski A., Chrzanowski A.

E10 - Settlements of an embankment founded on a soft soil
Zvanut P.

E11 - Unloading-reloading uniaxial compressibility of deep reservoirs by marker measurements
Ferronato M., Gambolati G., Teatini P.

E12 - Natural tectonic hazards for engineering structures in the region of Lower Silesia
Kontny B., Dyjor S., Cacon S.

E13 - Detection of landslide block boundaries by means of an affine coordinate transformation
Haberler M., Kahmen H.

E14 - Measurement of surface deformation associated with hydrofracture
Saleh B., Sadoon B., Blum P.A.

F. Tunnels

F1 - Monitoring and modeling ground deformations during tunneling
Kavvadas M..

F2 - Evaluation Of deformation measurement in Powerhouse cavern in Masjed Soleiman dam
Jafari A.

F3 - Tunnel monitoring during the excavation phase: 3-D kinematic analysis based on geodetic data
Kontogianni V., Stiros S.

F4 - Absolute deformation profile measurement in tunnels using relative convergence measurements
Moosavi M.

G. Studies of Ancient and Historical Remains
G1 - Monitoring of displacement of vide range focused on historical buildings and slopes
Zalesky J., Voborilova P., Pruska J., Prochazka J.

G2 - Ancient constructions as markers of tectonic deformation and of strong seismic motions
Bottari C.

G3 - Traces of historical earthquake in Wittstock, Northern Germany
Korjenkov A., Kaiser D.

G4 - Identification of the pattern of an atypical ancient theater using analytical techniques
Psimoulis P., Stiros S.

H. Theoretical aspects – Analysis of geodetic networks
H1 - A kinematic analysis program for deformation monitoring
Bayrak T., Yalçinkaya M.

H2 - An engineering approach of a traditional geodetic topic. The geoid as height reference and its other possible uses
Doufexopoulou M.G.

H3 - Kalman-filtering withcoloured measurement noise for deformation analysis
Kuhlmann H.

H4 - From geodetic monitoring to deformation tensors and their reliability
Michel V., Person T.

H5 - Imprecision in geodetic observations - Case study GPS monitoring networks
Schön S., Kutterer H.

H6 - A study on using Bayesian statistics in geodetic deformation analysis
Yalçankaya M., Tanir E.

H7 - Is minimum-trace datum definition theoretically correct as applied in computing 2D and 3D displacements?
Proszynski W.

H8 - Estimation of elements’ tolerances in precast concrete buildings. Using geodetic control networks
Georgopoulos G. D., Telioni V.

H9 - Mathematical investigation of calculation zones in the large industrial excavations and embankments
Piasek Z.

H10 - Numerical adjusment of profile line on mathematically approximated terrain surface
Piasek Z., Siejka M.

H11 - Kinematic modelling of subsidences
Telioni V. C.

H12 - Precise measurement and 3D modelling for industrial applications
Setan H., Mohd Sharuddin I.

I. Monitoring Static and Dynamic Deformations of Engineering Structures
I1 - Real-time seismic monitoring instrumentation needs of a building owner and the solution - A cooperative effort
Celebi M. , Sanli A., Sinclair M., Gallant S., Radulescu D.

I2 - A remote bridge health monitoring system using computational simulation and GPS sensor data
Roberts G., Meng X., Meo M., Dodson A., Cosser E., Iuliano E., Morris A.

I3 - Monitoring of bridge deformations using embedded fiber optical sensors
Lienhart W., Brunner F.

I4 - The monitoring of bridge movements using GPS and pseudolites
Barnes J., Rizos C., Wang J., Meng X., Cosser E., Dodson A., Roberts G.

I5 - Real-time bridge deflection and vibration monitoring using an integrated GPS/Accelerometer/Pseudolite system
Meng X., Roberts G.W., Cosser E., Dodson A.

I6 - Loading tests of highway bridges in Slovakia
Kopacik A.

I7 - Predicting creep deformation of concrete: A comparison of results from different investigations
Fanourakis G. C., Ballim Y.

I8 - Vision-based, Multi-Epoch deformation monitoring of the atrium of Federation square
Fraser C., Brizzi D., Hira A.

I9 - Measuring dynamic deformation of bridges using a total station
Cosser E., Roberts G. W., Meng X., Dodson A.

I10 - The comparison of single frequency and dual frequency GPS for bridge deflection and vibration monitoring
Cosser E., Roberts G.W., Meng X., Dodson A.

I11 - Testing procedures for the monitoring of seismic induced vibrations on a cable-stayed highway bridge
Tsakiri M., Lekidis V., Stewart M., Karabelas X.,

I12 - Rigidity control of a thin reinforced concrete dam
Pitharouli S., Tsitsos V., Skourtis C., Kontogianni V., Stiros S.

I13 - Deformation detection of lightweight concrete block using geodetic method and non-geodetic method
Setan H., Md Som Z., Idris K. M.

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