Conference and Seminar Proceedings

3rd FIG Young Surveyors Network Conference

Disaster Relief and Charity activities

30 April-1 May 2016 at Rydges Latimer Hotel, Christchurch, New Zealand

Saturday 30 April 2016

08.30-09.00 Registration

Opening Ceremony + Photographs

We are welcoming our dear friends and colleagues to the 3rd FIG Young Surveyors Network Conference in Christchurch, New Zealand. Let's make this an inspiring and more important fruitful event to contribute to the 'Recovery from Disaster', the FIG WW 2016 theme.

  • Mark Allan, New Zealand, New Zealand Institute of Surveyors
  • Chryssy Potsiou, Greece, International Federation of Surveyors
  • John Hohol, United States, FIG Foundation
  • Eva-Maria Unger, Austria
  • Paula Dijkstra, The Netherlands
  • Melissa O'Brien, New Zealand
10.30-11.00 Morning Tea + Speed Dating
11.00 - 12.00

Rescue - Life and Work in the Disaster Zone
Chair: Claire Buxton (New Zealand)
Rapporteur: Franka Grubisic (Croatia)

From the day the disaster hit, this session puts a focus on the immediate response after a significant natural disaster.  Young surveyors will hear personal accounts from various professionals involved in the rescue.  Whether it was monitoring buildings, assessing large scale damage to infrastructure, or making decisions at a higher level, those affected had their own personal issues to cope with.  A series of presentations will be given with questions encouraged.  Learnings will be taken from other people’s experience of working in a high-pressure and, at times chaotic, environments.

  • On Shaky Ground - Mark Myall and Nick Saunders, New Zealand
  • Knowing tasks for a disaster - Kazuaki Fuji, Japan
  • Rescue after Cyclone Winston - Chethna Ben, Fiji

Rescue - Action in the Disaster Zone
Chair: Melissa O'Brien (New Zealand)
Rapporteur: Annette Hadler (Germany)

Once the dust has settled, the rebuild from the aftermath begins. This interactive session looks to explore the types of technology  and how it was used after a significant natural disaster. Young surveyors will get the opportunity to try out the new technologies used during the rebuild process. The importance of technology and ways information can be used will be highlighted in this session.

  • MapAction: GIS and IM Support for Decision Makers in the Disaster Zone - Thomas Rodger, Australia
  • all workign Groups working on - input from MapAction (questions they would like the working groups to work on)
13.00-14.00  Lunch
14.00 -16.00

Regenerate - Thriving in Uncertain Times
Chair: Liam Jagvick (New Zealand)
Rapporteur: Tuomas Jylha (Finland)

Once the dust has settled, the rebuild from the aftermath begins. This interactive session looks to explore the types of technology and how it was used after a significant natural disaster. The importance of technology and new innovations will be highlighted in this session. Young Surveyors will present x new technologies and ideas. You never heard of those yet? No wonder probably there are just recently released or they are just in peoples head. But they are worth to be heard and worth to be further developed. You will first hear their presentations and then we will seperate in groups to work together on their development. In this session it's not about what is already out there - it's about what is needed, how we can realise it and how we can acelerate it. After the Working group each development of the innovation/idea/technology will be presented in an 4min elevator pitch and then its up to you. You will vote on your favourite idea/innovation at the market place.

  • Hashtags for relief, rescue and recovery- How social media hashtags can be used for post disaster information management - Shuman Baral, Nepal
  • FIG YSN OSM Mapping activities/How can you contribute even if you're far away? - Franka Grubišić, Croatia
  • Technology and Disaster Recovery - Mark Nicholls, New Zealand Recovery Activities 2011-2016
  •  Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami - Kengo Okada, Japan
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16.00 -16.30

Afternoon Tea

16.30-17.30 Rebound - The Art of Recovery
Chair: Mark Myall (New Zealand)
Rapporteur: Yusuf Aro-Lambo (Nigeria)

After years of unsteadiness, the opportunity that comes with a natural disaster is realised. This session puts focus on the long term learnings and changes that will come about to prepare communities for future disasters. A series of presentations will give young surveyors a fresh and positive outlook on the new environment we live in.

  • Rapid rebound – Applying the learnings of the Canterbury earthquakes to the geodetic system - Nic Donelly, New Zealand
  • The Earthquake Generation - Maureen Allan, New Zealand
  •  Getting Better / Acting, Learning, Sharing - Nyncke Emmens, The Netherlands
18.30 – Late Young Surveyors Dinner

Sunday 1 May 2016 – Sunday ‘Exploring Christchurch’


The Sunday tour offers a guided experience around the ever-changing post-earthquake Christchurch City Centre.  The bus tour takes visitors on a journey through the Christchurch rebuild and provides an insight into the innovative ways that Christchurch is reshaping itself following the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011.
From the city we travel out to the Port Hills and ride by Gondola 862 horizontal meters up Mt Cavendish.  Enjoy the breath-taking 360 degree views of the Christchurch cityscape, over the Canterbury Plains out to the mighty Southern Alps and the dramatic hills of Banks Peninsula.  Lunch will be served at the top.

  YS/FIG Running Event for Charity  - 5km

The course is set in Christchurch’s Hagley Park. Located centrally within the city, the Park is renowned for its extensive area, its wide open spaces and mature woodlands.