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There will be a trade exhibition at the Palais de Congrès. There will also be several opportunities for sponsorship. The exhibition includes  up to date displays from manufacturers with their current range of instruments and software, consulting companies, displays on land management, real estate and property management and valuation. Any company or organisation requiring further information about the possibility of having a display should contact the FIG at markku.villikka@fig.net.

Each booth will as a standard contain:

Universal exhibit in pinewood color melamine-coated panels; aluminum structure; company name

  • 9 lighting spots
  • 2 Multi-outlet (220V grounded outlets in accordance with the European Standards)
  • 2 waste paper baskets
  • 8 chairs
  • 3 tables or comptoirs
  • Services / Assembling / Dismantling.

Information on exhibition technical details

Further questions on booth details, extra AV and furniture, please contact the booth constructor:

La Societe l'Evenementiel Sarl
Contact: MH Drissi
Centre Commercial les Ambassadeurs
Avenue Mohammed VI – Km 5,8 – Souissi Rabat
Tel. + 212 537 75 38 38
Fax + 212 537 65 47 47
GSM: + 212 661 77 06 41
E-mail: evenementiel@menara.ma or levenementiel@gmail.com

Information on shipping:

Société DSV Transport International
Contacts : Mme Saloua El Bathiri or Mr Abdelhai Jabri
Tel. + 212 522 40 16 66
Fax + 212 522 40 16 90
E-mail: saloua.elbachiri@ma.dsv.com , ghada.lamghari@ma.dsv.com or abdelhai.jabri@ma.dsv.com

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List of exhibitors
Booth   Company
1 Trimble, USA
3 ONIGT, Morocco
4 Faynot, France
5 Orbits Engineering, Saudi Arabia
6 ETAFAT, Morocco
7-12 Chinese Pavilion
7 Satellite Surveying and Mapping Application Center, SBSM
7A Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping
8 Beijing Geo-Vision Technology Company Limited
8A SuperMap Software Co., Ltd.
8B & 9 Tianditu Co., Ltd.
10 Hi-Target Survey Instrument Co., Ltd.
10A-10B SeaSky Geomatics Technologies Inc.
11 Sichuan Bureau of Surveying and Mapping
12 Shaanxi Bureau of Surveying and Mapping
13 GENEQ Inc, Canada
14 & 18 COFMAT, Morocco
15-16 Ministère de l'Agriculture et de la Pêche Maritime/IAV
17 & 20 Global Geoystems, Morocco
19 COFAS, Morocco
21 Geomax Suisse, Morocco
22 Taouhid, Sadiqi, and Baali Consortium, Morocco
23-24, 24A Ministère de l'Habitat / Minister of Habitat
25 Secrétariat d'Etat chargé de de l'Eau et de l'environnement, Morocco
26 Bentley Systems, the Netherlands
27 National Office of Water - ONEP, Morocco
27A and 30A SABR, Morocco
28-29 Ministère de l'équipement et des transports, Morocco
  ANP: National Agency of Harbors
  ADM: High Way of Morocco
  SNTL: National Society of
Transportation and Logistics
  ONCF: National Office of Railway
  ONDA : National Office of
30 Leica Geosystems, Morocco
30B   Free
31 FIG Working Week 2013, Abuja, Nigeria
32 Robobat Maroc, Morocco
33 - 35 National Agency of Mapping - ANCFCC, Morocco
36 South Surveying and Mapping Instrument Co., Ltd, China. P. R.
37 Neolt Graf, Morocco
38 FIG and FIG Congress 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
39 SEPRET, Morocco
40 Fugro EarthData, Inc., USA
41 Pc Mémoria+GEOMAP, Morocco
42 FIG Working Week 2012, Rome Italy and CNGGL, Italy
43 MDP Qualite, Morocco
44   Free
45 SETOM, Morocco
46 Créative Technologie, Morocco
47 Banque Populaire, Morocco
50 Kanq Digital Surveying & Mapping Co., Ltd., China P. R.
51 Bornes et Balises, France