President Stig Enemark visits RICS and ICES

London, United Kingdom, 10-11 December 2009

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President Stig Enemark attended the Annual Geomatics Christmas Lecture at RICS in London 10 December 2009. This year’s Christmas Lecture was given by Prof. Mike Cooper, (previous Chair of FIG Commission 5 and well-known to FIG members) who spoke about 'Who did they think we were?'. The lecture provided a very interesting insight in the role of surveyors through history.

President Enemark had a breakfast meeting with Max Croft, President of RICS the following morning. This meeting was attended also by Ken Hall, ICES President, Diane Dumashie, RICS FIG delegation chair, and James Kavanagh, Director RICS Land Group. The purpose of the discussion with RICS was to continue the high-level liaison, to further clarify the complementary aims of the two organisations, and to engage in joint activities where this is appropriate. The key issues discussed at the meeting were: the global profile and reach of the surveyor; marketing of surveyors skill sets, capacity building in the developing world and poverty alleviation, co-operation in Africa; and co-operation with United Nations and FAO on land tenure policies.

14 December 2009