FIG Commission 1 - Professional Standards and Practice

Term 2007-2010

Highlights Commission Chair

In the term of office 2007-2010 Commission 1 focused on:

  • Regional development
    Focus on the regional recognition for capacity development
  • Young generation
    Promoting the young surveyors perspective
  • National authorities
    Promoting public private partnership
Mr. Yaacoub Saade
Work Plan

Terms of reference

  • Perception of surveying profession
  • Professional practice, legal aspects and organisational structures
  • Standards and certification
  • Code of ethics and applications
  • Under-represented groups in surveying
  • Students and young surveyors
  • Information technology management and professional practice
  • Project-management, quality and best practice
  • Support to under-represented groups

Mission statement

  • Capability of development: Changes are affecting the operation of surveying practices, their management and their professional structures under the challenges of widening professional activities.
  • Change of technology: Managing processes and infrastructure with ever changing business infrastructures in the areas of IT, internet, networks and total quality management.
  • Improving surveyors' reputation: Supporting the essential dialogue between politicians and surveyors with regard to further development and setting up the own business in strengthening surveyors' role in economy and politics.
  • Under represented groups: To focus public attention on under represented groups by surveying activities taking place to improve representation.

To implement this mission statement by

  • Promoting the profession wverywhere by developing applicable codes of standards and ethics
  • Conserving the human aspect of the profession
  • Gathering data on problems, successes and researches and by analysing these to expose new issues for professional practice discussion
  • Working on establishing standard rules and legislations that can be used in developing countries to promote the surveyors instititutional position.

Work Plan

Key Documents



Working Groups

Working Group 1.1 - Standards Network

Policy issue
  • Developing the involvement of practising surveyors in the development and use of standards
  • Increasing the influence of surveyors on key international standardisation bodies
  • Building the linkage between FIG workplans and standardisation activities
  • Advising FIG officers and members on standards and standardisation
  • Supporting the implementation of FIG's policy on standards

Iain Greenway

Working Group 1.2 - Students and Young Professionals (a Joint Working Group with Commission 2)

Policy issue
  • To improve the number of young professionals participating within the FIG.
  • To help young professionals in the beginning of their careers with contacts.
  • To increase co-operation between the commission boards and the Students and Young Professionals working group.

Cecilia Lindén

Vice Chair

Thorsten Schwing

Working Group 1.3 - Surveyors Changing Role in Society

Policy issue
  • To study surveyors as entrepreneurs – Surveyors changing role in Society. This would show in detail how Surveyors are taking new roles in a changing world over and above the typical thoughts/mindset around the role of Surveyors.


Leonie Newnham

Vice Chair

John Parker