FIG Commission 2 - Professional Education

Prof. Bela Markus, Chair of FIG Commission 2

Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth:  5 July ,1947

Nationality:  Hungarian

Status: Married

Current Position: Head

Professional Experience

Prof. Bela Markus is a land surveyor, M.Sc., Ph.D., Professor of Geoinformatics, and Dean of the Faculty of Geoinformatics, University of West Hungary. He has 35 years teaching experience in surveying, 20 years in teaching GIS and 15 years in development and organization of open, distance learning professional courses for land administration.

Prof Markus has over hundred publications on various aspects of using computers in surveying, spatial information sciences and educational developments. He is actively involved in many national and international academic programmes, chairman of the National Committee of Association of Hungarian Surveyors and Cartographers, chairman of the Hungarian UNIGIS Course Board, chairman of the Agricultural Experts Committee Surveying Session at the Ministry of Agriculture.

He was the Hungarian national represenative of FIG Commission 3 (1998-2002), chair of the Working Group 2.4 Knowledge Transfer in Spatial Information Management (2002-2006) and currently member the Board of Directors of FIG Foundation. He is also member of the Executive Committee of EUROPACE (Leuven, Belgium).

Prof Markus was a Council member of Association of GI Laboratories in Europe (AGILE) in 2002-2006. He was advising Central European land Knowledge Center (Budapest, Hungary) as an International Expert on Knowledge Transfer in 2003-2004.

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Prof. Bela Markus, Head
Land and GeoInformation Knowledge Center
Faculty of Geoinformatics
University of West Hungary
Pirosalma u. 1-3
P.O. Box 52
H-8000 Szekesfehervar
Tel. +36-22-516-552
Fax +36-22-516-521

21 December 2006