FIG Commission 2 - Professional Education

Work Plan 2007-2010

Original work plan in .pdf-format.


Professional Education

  Prof. Belá Markus, Chairperson of Commission 2.

Terms of reference

  • Curriculum development
  • Learning and teaching methods and technologies
  • Educational management and marketing
  • Continuing professional development
  • Networking in education and training

Mission Statement

  • Promoting good practices
    • Endorsing universities and other educational organisations to explore the needs of society and to manage in a pro-active way the necessary changes in the “knowledge age”.
    • Supporting academic institutions and industry with new methods of knowledge management, helping surveyors continuously to update their academic and professional profiles.
    • Advancing educational business and curriculum tuning processes.
    • Promoting content development experiences, facilitating international researches in surveying education and training and to initiate joint projects on this field (curriculum development, educational material development, joint courses, quality assurance etc.).
    • Strengthening knowledge transfer between FIG Commissions, inspiring activities on knowledge networks.
    • Improving dissemination of information on educational theory and practice to the members across the world.
    • Reinforcing contacts to Educational Commissions of International Organisations on the related professions (ICA, ISPRS, AGILE, IAG etc.)


The Commission 2 Work Plan 2007-2010 building on the experiences of the previous period tries to fulfill and implement the FIG Council Work Plan. Commission 2 in general aims

  • To perform needs analysis of Commission representatives and FIG Academic members
  • To develop further the FIG Educational database and facilities using educational and internet standards
  • To organize annual workshops on actual topics related to education and training
  • To investigate the use of information and communication technology to support networked professional education.
  • To organise jointly International / Regional Summer Schools for solving problems, filling educational gaps and for building communities within young professionals

The mission and aims will be realized by the following Working Groups:

WG 2.1 "Curriculum development"

Quality curriculum and instruction are - as they have always been - the bedrock of education and the way to developing thoughtful and fulfilled professionals. The society, science and technology around our profession are changing rapidly. These changes continuously generate new educational and training needs, which should be responded by educators to ensure that their learners gain knowledge as effectively and efficiently as possible.

WG 2.2 "e-Learning"

To successfully disseminate the knowledge, it is essential to have an up-to-date learning environment. Thanks to the development in information and communication technologies, there have been lots of possibilities and tools re-engineer the classical teaching methods. Because of e-Learning methods are expected to play an increasing role in professional education there is a growing need for knowledge transfer on this field.

WG 2.3 "Educational Management and Marketing"

Knowledge dissemination is not only a methodological / technical problem. Institutes have to own the rights how the published materials may be available for others as well as taking commercial aspects into account. According to the rapidly changing world and demands in professional education business-based survey can help us to manage successful curricula.

FIG Working Weeks are inspired to give general overview on the results of the Working Groups while the Commission 2 working group workshops will focus on details.

Working Group 2.1 - Curriculum development

Policy issues

  • To support the mobility among professionals, teaching staff and students using credit transfer.
  • To support the implementation of „Bologna” changes (BSc / MSc / PhD / Professional masters) and recognition.
  • To facilitate the harmonization of curricula.
  • To define a “core knowledge base”.
  • To guarantee life-long learning with educational and training services.
  • To serve the needs in the new professional challenges.
  • To exchange ideas on Quality Management and Accreditation.


Prof Bela Markus
Szekesfehervar, Hungary
E-mail: mb[at]

Specific projects


  • 7-9 June, 2007 - Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic

Final report

  • It will be given during the Congress in Sydney.

Working Group 2.2 – e-Learning

Policy issues

  • To explore the movement from traditional face-to-face teaching towards an integrated learning environment, the changing role of the academic staff.
  • To discuss the technical, political, legal, organisational and cultural problems of e-Learning.
  • To exchange experiences on content development methods (Multimedia, CBT, Quizzes etc) and student support (Virtual Club / Library, Communication techniques, Teamwork tools).
  • To identify the Educational Portal functions
  • To disseminate Educational Metadata


Ir. E.M.C. (Liza) Groenendijk
E-mail: groenendijk[at]


  • June 2008 - Enschede (Netherlands)

Final report

  • It will be given during the Congress in Sydney.

Working Group 2.3 - Educational management and marketing

Policy issues

  • To observe and register the new challenges of our profession respond to them.
  • To survey the needs for academic members and provide required services.
  • To analyse the market and respond by LLL services.
  • To promote the need on CPD (Continuous Professional Development).
  • To disseminate experiences in recruitment and marketing.
  • To distribute know-how in Project and Quality Management.
  • To encourage young surveyors (students) on their career.
  • To serve ALUMNI and use its power.
  • To build twinning and thematic networks.


Gert Steinkellner
BEV (Vienna, Austria)
E-mail: gert.steinkellner[at]


  • June 2009 - Vienna (Austria)

Final report

  • It will be given during the Congress in Sydney.



Commission 2 will inform its delegates and member associations via Commission newsletter.


By the end of period 2006-2010 Commission 2 will deliver a publication on ‘The Future of Surveying Education’. This would be the main outcome of four years activity that will include as follows

  • Publications in e-Learning
  • Methods
  • Web services
  • Knowledge pool
  • Experiences in Continuing Professional Development and Life-long Learning
  • Educational SDI
  • Meta-database
  • Global and Regional Networks
  • Best practices
  • Workshops
  • Summer schools
  • Joint projects

Calendar of Events

  • Scientia Est Potentia - Knowledge is power. FIG Commission 2 Symposium. 7-9 June 2007, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic
    Web site:
  • Workshop on Curriculum Development,
  • Workshop on e-Learning, June 2008, Enschede (Netherlands)
  • Workshop on Educational management and marketing, June 2009, Vienna, Austria

Commission Officers

Commission Chair
Prof. Bela Markus
Faculty of Geoinformatics
University of West Hungary
Pirosalma u. 1-3
P.O. Box 52
H-8000 Szekesfehervar
Tel. + 36 22 516 523
Fax + 36 22 516 521
Chair Elect, 2009-2010
  Prof. Dr. Steven Frank
Head of Surveying Engineering Program
New Mexico State University
PO Box 30001, MSC 3566
Las Cruces, NM 88003
Tel + 1 575 646 8171
Fax + 1 575 646 6107
Vice Chair of Administration
Tamas Jancso
Faculty of Geoinformatics
University of West Hungary
Pirosalma u. 1-3
P.O. Box 52
H-8000 Szekesfehervar
Tel. + 36 22 516 522
Fax + 36 22 516 521
Chair Working Group 2.1 - Curriculum development
Prof. Bela Markus
Faculty of Geoinformatics
University of West Hungary
Pirosalma u. 1-3
P.O. Box 52
H-8000 Szekesfehervar
Tel. + 36 22 516 523
Fax + 36 22 516 521
Chair Working Group 2.2 - e-Learning
Ir. E.M.C. (Liza) Groenendijk
Lecturer/Instructional Designer
Department for Urban and Regional Planning and Geo-Information Management
International Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC)
P.O.Box 6
7500 AA Enschede
Tel. +31 53 4874 528
Fax + 31 53 4874 575
Chair Working Group 2.3 - Educational management and marketing
Mr. Gert Steinkellner
Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying
Schiffamtsgasse 1-3
A-1025 Wien
Tel. + 43 1 211 76 4604
Fax + 43 1 216 7550
Vice Chair and Chair of WG 2.4
  Prof. Arvo Vitikainen
Helsinki University of Technology
Institute of Real Estate Studies
P.O. Box 1200
FIN-02015 HUT
Tel. + 358 9 451 3872
Fax + 358 9 465 077

21 December 2006