FIG Commission 3

Minutes of the Commission 3 Meeting in Munich

Date of Meeting: Monday, October 9, 2006; 09:00-10:30

Place of Meeting: International Congress Centre Munich, 1st floor, Room 12a


1. Welcome address; Opening

Gerhard Muggenhuber, Chair of Commission 3 welcomes all the participants of the Annual Meeting 2006.

2. Adoption of Agenda


3. Introduction of Participants

All participants introduced themselves and gave a short report on their actual work and on ongoing projects in their countries on Commission 3 relevant issues. The following main activities in SDI can be summarized:

  • eGovernment (formation of "Spatial Data Community" and defining of a national and regional Geodata-policy, eg. INSPIRE)
  • Implementation process or renewing process of cadastral systems
  • 3-D cadastre activities
  • Development of countrywide common strategies in SDI
  • Cooperation with other NGOs (e.g. UNECE WPLA, GSDI, EUROGeographics, UN-SDI)
  • Reorganisation of land administration systems (reduction of offices, merging or devorcing of authorities of land registry and cadastre)
  • Production of topographic maps
  • Implementation of "disaster-SDI"
  • In the academic education in some of the countries new study programmes were implemented - especially in Europe (due to the Bologna Agreement - an initiative of the European Union to install a European area of higher education)
4. Report of Commission Chair (Gerhard Muggenhuber)

Due to the limited time of the meeting and to save time for discussing the Working Plan 2006-2010 (Item 7) Gerhard reported very shortly about the following issues:

Activities within FIG:

  • Ongoing activities of the FIG-Council in discussing the Commission structure.

Activities of COMMISSION 3:

  • Electronical Newsletter: Within the next months the Commission 3 Electronic Newsletter 2006 will be prepared.

Reports on COM3 relevant conferences:

5. Activity Reports of FIG3 Commission Working-Group Chairs and Task Forces
6. Hand Over of Chairship

Gerhard Muggenhuber says thanks to all outgoing officers and to all Commission 3 delegates, correspondents and co-operators for their activities and contributions within the last period.

Commission 3 officers in the period 2002-2010
(from the left: Kari STRANDE / WG3.1, Gerhard MUGGENHUBER / Chair of Commission 3, Reinfried MANSBERGER / Secretary, Chryssy POTSIOU / WG3.3, Yerach DOYTSHER / 3D-Cadastre, Bela MARKUS / WG2.4; missing: Keith MURRAY / WG3.2)

On behalf of Commission 3 Chryssy Potsiou congratulated Gerhard Muggenhuber for his successful work in the commission and invited him to continue his activities in FIG and in SDI-issues.

Hand Over of Chairship of Commission 3
from Gerhard MUGGENHUBER to

7. Working Plan 2007-2010 (Chryssy Potsiou)

Chryssy reported that during the ACCO meeting in Copenhagen (May, 2006, Copenhagen, Denmark) the Working Plan for all 10 FIG Commissions was outlined and coordinated. You will find the draft Working Plan on the homepage of Commission 3.

Commission 3 will focus to the following topics in the period 2006 - 2010:

  • eGovernment and eCitizen (Kari Strande and Peter Laaraker will chair this working activities)
  • State of the Art of SDI
  • Multidimensional SDI (3D Cadastre): Yerach Doytsher will chair this activities
  • SDI to meet the challenges of Megacities and Informal Settlements

Knowledge exchange on these topics within the FIG-community will be approached by specific conferences and workshops. Chryssy invites all delegates and correspondents of Commission 3 to exchange and share their experiences and knowledge within the community and to contribute to FIG-publications on "Good Practice". To increase the attractivity for Commission 3 members in general and for academic members in particular the papers of FIG Commission 3 meetings or conferences will be reviewed (on demand).

8. Incoming events
9. Any other business

Chryssy Potsiou and Gerhard Muggenhuber thank all the participants for their attendance and their contributions.


Participants at the Commission 3 Meeting in Munich

Jonathan Allotey ABBOSEY (Ghana), Gerasimos APOSTOLATOS (Greece), Jan BARES (Czech Republic), Trinh Anh CO (Vietnam), Jiri CZALEK (Czech Republic), Peter CREUZER (Germany), Yerach DOYTSHER (Israel), Efi DOMOPOULOS (Greece), Bob FOSTER (USA), Jens HOLLAENDER (Denmark), Charalabos IOANNIDIS (Greece), Veikko JANTUNEN (Finland), Paul KELLY (Australia), Hans KNOOP (Germany), Enikö KOVACS (Hungary), Bo LAURI (Sweden), Rob MAHONEY (UK), Thongchank MANIXAY (Laos), Reinfried MANSBERGER (Austria), Robin McLAREN (UK), Gerhard MUGGENHUBER (Austria), Hartmut MÜLLER (Germany), Uzo G.O. OKAFOR (Namibia), R.Charles PEARSON (USA), Chryssy POTSIOU (Greece), Neil PULLAR (New Zealand), Miodrag ROIC (Croatia), Rebecca SITTIE (Ghana), Kari STRANDE (Norway), Le Minh TAM (Vietnam), Tor VALSTADT (Norway), Jaap ZEVENBERGEN (The Netherlands).

Munich, October 2006; Reinfried MANSBERGER