FIG Commission 9

Commission 9 activities at the FIG Congress
in Munich, 8-13 October 2006

Dear Commission 9 delegate or speaker in the Commission 9 Sessions at the FIG Congress in Munich,

The FIG Congress is now near and I like to give some additional information for the week. Commission 9 has eight sessions, three posters, five meetings and also a commission dinner will be arranged. In the Commission 9 meeting on Monday 9th at 9-10.30 in the room 04a the experiences from the period 2002-2006 and the plan for the next period 2006-2010 will be handled. I have worked out a draft plan for the Munich conference. It?s in the appendix of this email. The final plan will be confirmed at the Hong Kong conference in May 2007 so there are still real possibilities to make changes in the plan.

In the draft plan five working groups and two task forces are presented:

  • WG 9.1 ? Compulsory Purchase and Compensations in Land Acquisition and Takings
  • WG 9.2 ? Improving Slum Conditions through Innovative Financing
  • WG 9.3 ? Diagnostic Tools and Prescriptive Practices for the Valuation Profession
  • WG 9.4 ? Organizations of Valuers and Appraisers in Emerging Eastern European Markets
  • WG 9.5 ? Geostatistics in Real Estate Market Analyses and Valuation
  • TF 9.1 ? Enhancing the adaptation of real estate valuation and management (real estate economics) to the university education of surveyors
  • TF 9.2 ? Organising seminar in valuation at WW in Hong Kong May 2007

For WG 9.1 a special seminar on Compulsory purchase and compensations in land acquisition and takings is planned to be held in Helsinki, Finland in 6-8th September 2007 jointly with Helsinki University of Technology, Finnish Association for Real Estate Valuation and the Baltic Valuation Conference, which is organised annually by valuers? associations around the Baltic Sea Area. Also FAO is expected to take part in the seminar. Other seminars will be held in the connection to FIG working weeks and other occasions. Especially for academic members an option for review papers will be arranged, beginning latest at the Helsinki seminar. This would give a better possibility also for the doctoral students to present and discuss their research problems and findings.

To get results and discussions it is important that there are active participant in the working groups. Each WG needs members. In addition doctoral members who are willing to take part in the review process are needed. You can express your interest also beforehand by sending an email to me or directly to the presented chair of the WG and/or to the coming vice-chair of administration of Com 9 Heidi Falkenbach ( ). The first meeting of each proposed WG and TF will be held in the Munich conference.

The first meeting of Commission 9 is, as said, on Monday 9th October at 9-10:30 and there the whole draft plan will be discussed. Working group meetings will be held on:

  • Monday at 11-12:30 (WG 9.1 and 9.3),
  • Tuesday at 14-15:30 (WG 9.4 and a round table),
  • Wednesday at 11-12:30 (WG 9.5 and TF 9.1) and
  • Thursday at 11-12:30 (WG 9.2 and TF 9.2).

The subject of the roundtable discussion chaired by David Smejkal is valuation reports. For that occasion participants are asked to bring examples of valuation reports from their home countries.

The commission 9 dinner will be organised on Wednesday evening, enrolments to by 5th October 2006 or latest in the commission meeting on Monday.

More than 40 conference papers in valuation and real estate management will be presented in Munich. So there are a plenty of interesting events in the Com 9 to take part in. The sessions of Commission 9 are:

  • TS 7 - GIS and Valuation on Monday 14-15:30;
  • TS 17 - Land Value Maps and Taxation on Monday 16-17:30;
  • TS 27 - Upgrading Informal Settlements: Access to Human Rights and Finance on Tuesday 16-17:30;
  • TS 46 - Valuation and Real Estate Management on Wednesday 14-15:30;
  • TS 56 - Special Valuation Situations on Wednesday 16-17:30;
  • TS 66 - Commercial Property Valuation on Thursday 9-10.30;
  • TS 76 - Valuation Standards and Practices on Thursday 14-15:30; and
  • TS 86 - Valuation Methods on Thursday 16-17:30.
  • In addition there are three posters.

I hope you will take actively part in the activities of our Commissions. Please, do not hesitate contact me or Heidi Falkenbach if you have anything to ask or to suggest concerning the Commission 9 activities. Waiting to see you in the Munich,

Best regards,

Kauko Viitanen
Chair elect of the Commission 9
Professor of Real Estate Economics and Valuation
Helsinki University of Technology
Department of Surveying
Institute of Real Estate Studies
P.O.Box 1200
FI-02015 TKK, Espoo, FINLAND
phone +358 9 451 3870, mobile +358 50 560 3873
fax +358 9 465 077