Per Wilhelm Pedersen appointed as the new FIG Office Manager

During the past years the tasks of the FIG Office and the Director have increased remarkably. In order to solve the problem of the workload and the related managerial problems the FIG Office will be reshaped to better cope with the tasks. This will include a division of responsibilities into two areas of policies/strategies and administration. The new structure implies:

  • A special position for the FIG Director to deal solely with the policy and strategy development for serving the FIG Council and the FIG government and maintaining and developing the FIG global network including all the UN agencies and sister organizations etc. The investigation and the negotiation for locating future conferences also belong to this position.
  • A special position for a new FIG Office Manager responsible of the two assistants employed. These tasks include the practical preparation and implementation of the FIG events as well as accounting, management of the website and administrative membership issues.

The FIG Council approved the new arrangements at its meeting in Copenhagen 28 January 2006.

Mr. Per Wilhelm Pedersen (born 1953) has been appointed as the new FIG Office Manager starting 1 February 2006. Per has a Bachelor Degree at the Copenhagen Business School (1978) BCom degree on business organisation and business economy at the Commercial School in Copenhagen. He has more than 20 years of experience in business administration as office manager and managing director in major commercial companies in Denmark and Scandinavia. Per is a Danish citizen, single and he has 3 daughters.

After Per's appointment as the first FIG Office Manager, Markku Villikka, FIG Director will focus on strategy issues and projects, while Per together with the office staff will be in charge for the office administration.