News in 2014

FIG Publication no. 65 - FIG Report: The Surveyor’s Role in Monitoring, Mitigating, and Adapting to Climate Change

This publication is the result of extensive debates, discussions, and presentations by the FIG Task Force on Surveyors and Climate Change over the past three years. Editor is John Hannah, and contributing authors are Isaac Boateng, Sagi Dalyot, Stig Enemark, Frank Friesecke, John Hannah, David Mitchell, Paul van der Molen, Merrin Pearse, Michael Sutherland, and Martinus Vranken. The FIG Task Force on Surveyors and Climate Change set out both to explore and report on where and how surveyors could assist the global community in measuring and monitoring climate change, and also to elaborate on the part that they could play in adapting to climate change and helping to mitigate its impacts.


11 Decmber 2014