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Spatial Innovation and Good Practices in Land Administration Forum Room - Proceedings

28 March 2014, Washington DC, USA

Immediately after the 2014 World Bank Land and Poverty Conference (March 24 - 27) a one-day ‘Spatial Innovation and Good Practices’ forum will be jointly convened by the Bank and FIG on 28th March 2014. The Forum will be open to all registered participants to the Conference but prior notification of attendance will be requested. The Forum will cover a number of themes focusing on the contribution of spatial technologies and practices to support the Post-2015 Development Agenda. These themes include data collection, data management, data access, data and information sharing, analysis and analytics, visualization and presentation and delivery systems and services particularly when considering the challenge in locating, connecting and delivering information with both geographic and temporal context from differing scales and sources to governments and societies.

The Forum intends to draw upon appropriate examples/case studies and outline good spatial practices to explain them. Current practices will be discussed, spatial technologies and practices that are applied explained and innovation and advancement explored, all aiming to achieve the desired results that will fit the purpose for the Post-2015 “World We Want”.

Outline Program

The Spatial Innovation and Good Practices Forum jointly convened by the World Bank and FIG with the support of key partners and stakeholders aimed to explore appropriate and affordable spatial technologies, spatial innovations and good practices that will definitively contribute towards integrating land governance into the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

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08:00-08:50 Coffee and Registration
08:50-10:30 SESSION 1: OPENING
"Global Geospatial Information Managemant and Post-2015 Development Agenda"
Chairman: CheeHai Teo, FIG

Vanessa Lawrence, Director General and Chief Executive, Ordnance Survey, United Kingdom
"The role of authoritative data and challenges for national mapping and land agencies in fulfilling the needs of regional, national and global development"

Lead Presentations:
Dr. Bob Ryerson, Kim Geomatics Corporate, Canada
"Why Where matters in the Post-2015 World"

Prof. Stig Enemark, Honorary President FIG
"Joint World Bank & FIG Declaration on fit-for-Purpose land Administration and its Publication"

Q & A

Summary by Chairman

10:30-10:50 Break
10:50-12:30 SESSION 2:
"New Developments in Geospatial technology to Support Innovative Land administration and Management"
Chairman: Robin McLaren, Director, Knowedge Ltd

Brent Jones, ESRI
"Delivering Geographic Information for ALL"

Omar-Pierre Soubra, Trimble Navigation
"Measurement, Positioning, mapping and Point Clouds"

Kumar Navulur, Digital Globe
"Space imageries: Resolutions, Currency, Relevance"

Steve Hagan, Oracle
"Petabytes, Exabytes, zettabytes, yottabytes: Big Spatial Data"

Walter Volkman, Micro Aerial Projects LLC
"Low Altitude Aerial Imageries and Mapping"


Summary by Chairman

12:30-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-15:00 SESSION 3:
"What are the spatial innovation and good practices that will unlock the wealth of information in support of Post-2015 Development Agenda" - Panel session

Facilitator: Greg Scott, Advisor, UNGGIM (to also address UN initiative on GGIM, its current challenges and role in Post-2015 Development Agenda)


Summary by Chairman

15:20-17:00 SESSION 4:
"Spatial innovation and good practices taht will unlock the wealth of information in support of Post 2015 Development Agenda"
Chairman: Brent Jones, ESRI

An Open Forum on good country-level spatial innovations, lessons and experiences and good practices that are unlocking the wealth of information that will support the Post 2015 Development Agenda with contributions from participants from Republic of Korea, Ukraine, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Indonesia.


Summary by Chairman.

"Spatial innovation and good governance: Reality Check"

Facilitator: CheeHai Teo, FIG


  • Keith Bell, World Bank
  • Tony Burns, Land Equity International
  • Frank Pichel, USAID
  • Kevin Pomfret, Center for Spatial Law and Policy
  • Peter Rabley, Omiduar Network
  • Greg Scott, UNGGIM

Wrap up and Summary:
Malcolm Childress, World Bank

CheeHai Teo, FIG

28 April 2014