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Romanian Geodesy Week

Date, May, 2023, Oradea, Romanian

FIG Vice President Kwame Tenadu Snr attends the Romanian Geodesy Week in Oradea, Romania

The fourth edition of “Romanian Surveying Week” (RSW), the most important Romanian surveying community engagement was held in Oradea – Băile Felix, between the 10th and 13th of May, 2023. The surveying week also marked the convening of the general assembly of Council of European Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE) as part of the program. Superintending the GA was the President of CLGE Vladimir Kruppa and his Executive Council Members. The GA of CLGE made references to the Bucharest Declaration which is published at its website. They also discussed the IPMS Standards and the European Real Estate standards and its value to the profession. The GA reiterated its continued support to Ukraine through its representative and assured the Turkish delegation of the creation of a fund for its members Turkey. The GA also outlined some of its future activities key amongst them is the project of blue surveying and the code of professional qualifications in Europe. FIG was invited to attend the proceedings and I, on behalf of Council, offered our fraternal greeting form the President and Council of FIG recognizing the existing cordial relationship and collaboration between the two organisations.

FIG Vice President Kwame Tenadu addressing the GA and receiving CLGE pin from President Kruppa

Romanian Surveyors Union and University of Oradea - Faculty of Constructions, Cadastre and Architecture invited the President AND Vice President Kwame Tenadu of FIG respectively to participate virtually and in person at the international conference with the theme “Modern surveying technologies for 3rd millennium”. Special guests also came from National Agency for Cadastre and Land registration (ANCPI), the Council of European Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE) and the Private Surveyor Association (APCGC). Remarks and a goodwill message were offered by Diane Dumashie (PhD), President of FIG, outlining the roles of surveyors as well as FIG’s determination to steer the community of Surveyors to confront the global challenges.

L-R Orhan Ercan, Mircea Afracinea, Kwame Tenadu, Prof. Petre Drogomir

VP Kwame Tenadu presented his keynote focused on “PROFESSIONAL SOCIETY’S ROLE IN THE GEOSPATIAL ECOSYSTEM” bearing in mind the space place of the 3rd millennium surveyor leading in frontier technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Blockchain, Augmented and virtual Reality, the internet of things (IOT), Digital Twin, Engineering technologies: BIM, Digital Engineering, and System Integration, GIS and Spatial Analytics, GNSS and Positioning, Lidar, 3D, Drones. Etc

He also noted the broader user spectrum of geospatial technologies principally, end users in the Banking, Finance, Securities and Insurance space, Supply Chain, Infrastructure, Construction, Municipalities and Cities, Transport and Mobility, Tourism, Health, Water, Sanitation, Environment and Climate, Telecommunications, Energy, Petroleum, Mining, Public Safety.

The VP cited a 2022 report by geospatial world predicting “the global geospatial market as forecasted to be USD 681 billion in 2025 The market is estimated to grow at a much faster rate post-2025, making it USD 1.44 trillion by 2030, on the backbone of strategic public policy reforms, industry acceleration strategies, and innovations in the digital twin and metaverse paradigm”. This according to him was a major imperative for the 3rd millennium surveyor to lead and steer global efforts in the geospatial ecosystem.

Other speakers drawn from the National Cadastre and land registration (ANCPI), discussed the progress made by extending the land registration and recordation program across the country and signed a memorandum of understanding with the surveyor’s association (UGR) for further collaboration. Whereas Professor Orhan Ecan, former VP of FIG, related the interconnectedness and connectivity of geospatial data from the perspective of the legal, economic, societal, environmental and technological spheres calling for a balance between the economy and ecology. The dean of the Oradea Notaries also made remarks on the collaborations existing between UGR and its members.


The Conference technical papers and presentations focused mainly on topics drawn from a broader area to include: Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Cadastre and Land Registry, Applied engineering in the fields above

 A major outcome of the conference offered participants the opportunity to present papers, debate and communicate in a professional and scientific manner, highlighting their own contribution, finding out smart technical solutions in order to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems in the modern and challenging transforming society and in line with the United Nation’s global goals.

Additionally,  roundtables and fora on Romanian surveying education and the evolution of the prime meridian , annual meetings and social activities were all organized to spice the Romanian Surveying Week in Oradea – Băile Felix. These created the professional framework and environment for discussions, exchanging knowledge and experience among surveyors of all ages and expertise participating in an international event and dealing with topics in their daily activity. The event was both on-site and on-line participation to offer participants flexibility in participating.

A technology exhibition of innovative surveying software and hardware also featured at the program.


The young surveyors and a team led by team led by Zifceac Iaroslav organized the “Map With Us” competition. The "Map with Us" mapathon made a significant impact on the surveyor community, providing students and young people the opportunity to practice their skills, showcase their creativity, and contribute to the creation of accurate and updated digital maps. Winning the I and II awards represents a great achievement for the student team from #TUIASI - Faculty of Hydrotechnics, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering

Map with us

A group photo with young students and surveyors of UGR -Romania
Photo gallery

Group photo with young Romanian surveyors

Addressing one of the sessions


FIG Vice President Kwame Tenadu Snr
June 2023