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FIG President attends FIG Commission 2 and Commission 7 Annual Meeting 2023

2-4 October 2023, Deventer, The Netherlands

Digital Transformation for Responsible Land Administration

At the invitation of FIG Commission Chair, Dimo Todorovski, Professional Education (C2) and FIG Commission Chair Rohan Bennet, Land management and cadastre (C7), FIG President Diane Dumashie, and FIG Vice President Daniel Steudler were invited to attend the 2023 annual meetings of Comm 2 and 7 that were held jointly in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Deventer, Netherlands.

The theme “Digital Transformation for Responsible Land Administration” was hosted by Kadaster, ITCA, and University of Twente.  

Frank Tierolff, Kadaster, at the opening of the annual meeting held in Deventer, The Netherlands



Keyonote speaker Martin Salzmann

The 3 day program opened by FIG President Dumashie, Frank Tierolff (Kadaster), Freek van der Meer (ITC) was followed by an informative key note presented by Martin Salzmann (Kadaster) who set the scene of the meeting theme relating digital transformation in land administration.

Listening to the deliberations during day one, President Dumashie observed the constant reminder that we as a broad family of survey and geospatial professionals, with a range of specialist problem solving skills, we do use our skills to shape a better and more sustainable world, particularly given the societal and resource trends and challenges we are facing now. 

Session presentation by Mengying Chen (Chine PR)

Overviewing the program the alignment to the FIG work plan is appreciated. First that our contribution must be one of action and in so doing we are proving our professional relevance not only to benefit society; but second, also seeking to be a profession that is attractive to young people which will provide the next generation of professionals. The role of academic institutions working closely with member associations is so very important as demonstrated by our host organisations, Kadaster and ITC/ University of Twente. And also the contribution from sponsors ESRI (Gold), Trimble (Silver), Leica (Bonze) and VNG (Bronze)

The program reflected the global trends that are throwing up significant challenges for people and planet, including the all persuasive digital revolution as the need to keep up to date with digital transformation, digital management and ultimately digital standards. 

Session presentation by Ibimina Kakulu (Nigeria)




Headed by Rosario Casanova gathered together the Spanish speaking countries discussing FELA

The meeting agenda demonstrated the full breadth of C7 working groups. And drawing on C2 professional development, it is clear that we do not go anywhere without encouraging professional education and development across all generations of professionals in the workplace (i.e. across 4 generations). Combining engagement with the community from C2, professionals development and C7 focus on land administration was brought purposefully together in the 3 day meeting.   

Some participants attending the Ice breaker bike tour

Last but not least, the FIG President was able to join and meet so many at a truly fun and eventful ice breaker bike tour during the arrival day (Sunday 1st October) organised by Claudia Lindner and Marcus Koper
It was inspiring to hear the discussions and deliberations on day 1 knowing that there was more to come in the upcoming days.

A great meeting, thank you to our Commission Chairs Rohan Bennett and Dimo Todorovski and their host partners and to all those who travelled to attend.



FIG President, Dr Diane A Dumashie FRICS CEDR
October 2023