FIG President attends 43rd National Congress of Italian CNG in Palermo

Palermo, Italy, 17-22 October 2005

FIG founding member Consiglio Nazionale Geometri, CNG held its 43rd National Congress at the famous top hotel Villa Igiea in Palermo from 17–22 October. CNG invited FIG President Prof. Holger Magel to speak to more than 500 participants from all parts of Italy and representatives from FIG member countries like France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Malta and Israel. According to the conference motto "New horizons for the profession: guarantees for the society in evolution" FIG President gave at the "International Day" a keynote speech "About the identity, socio-political role and technical tasks of surveyors on the national and international stage". The next speaker after Prof. Magel was the former FIG Commission 7 Chair and current Division Chief for Land Tenure of UN FAO Dr. Paul Munro-Faure, who explained the global work of FAO.

President Magel was deeply impressed by the format and overwhelming technical and social programme and bench-marking standard of CNG Congress. He congratulated CNG President Piero Panunzi for this success, especially for successfully attracting high ranked European and Italian Ministers and Members of the Parliament and also prominent journalists. Prof. Magel encouraged CNG to continue its efforts to increase the educational level and the life-long learning for Italian surveyors and expressed his hope that CNG will more than ever intensively contribute to the FIG activities. One ambitious signal is already sent by CNG: its application for hosting the Commission 7 Annual Meeting in Verona in 2008!

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International day at CNG Congress: CNG President Piero Panunzi (1. from right) and FIG President Holger Magel with RAI journalist as moderato.

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Italian Minister for Labour Mr. Maroni speaking to the delegates.