International Seminar on Cadastre for Sustainable Development

Bogotá, Colombia, 22-24 November 2005

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International Seminar on Cadastre for Sustainable Developlment. Mr András Osskó on the right.

The Municipality of Bogotá, Department of Cadastre (Catastro Bogotá) and the National Cadastre Colombia, IGAC, organised a three-day International Seminar on “Cadastre for Sustainable Development”. The event was supported by ATOS ORIGIN SPAIN project, which project is co-financed by the European Union and the Colombian Government.

In South and Latin American countries the Cadastre activities, based on Spanish tradition, focus on taxation and fiscal purpose. These countries have recognised the importance of the multipurpose cadastre organisation and started to develop, modernising the cadastre organisations to change the fiscal purpose to multipurpose type of institutions.

The International Seminar aimed to invite professionals from different countries in the continent, region and also international experts to change views and discuss about the results achieved in the region and also new developments concerning cadastre matters world wide.

About 200 professionals from 12 Latin American, Caribbean countries (Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, San Salvador, Uruguay) and 5 invited international experts Jesus Miranda Hita (Director, Spanish Cadastre), Martin P.M. Wubbe (Dutch Cadastre), Tor Valstad (Norway), Christian Lord (Quebec, Canada) and András Osskó (Budapest Land Office, Hungary), Chair elect of FIG Commission 7 representing FIG, participated in the seminar. The Lincoln Institute from the USA was also represented.

During the Seminar, top officials, representatives of the National Cadastres from the participating countries, reported about the developments and results towards the multipurpose cadastre but still a lot to do. International experts also presented papers:

  • M. Wubbe: Activities of the Dutch Cadastre
  • T. Valstad: 3D Cadastre in Norway
  • A. Osskó: Advantages of the Unified Land Registry System
  • J. Miranda Hita: Spanish Cadastre
  • Chr. Lord: Quebec Cadastre

Mr. Osskó represented also FIG after his own presentation shortly described FIG professional aims and activities.

There was a general consensus among representatives of National Cadastres it’s important to improve international relations with professional organisations like FIG.

As a result of the Seminar the representatives of the different National Cadastre signed an agreement to for Association (Group) of Latin American and Caribbean Cadastres. They decided to meet again at the beginning of 2006 to work out the rules of co-operation, professional goals and extend international activities.

I think it’s a good idea that FIG should continue building up closer relation with Latin American and Caribbean countries and encourage them to join FIG family and play more active role at international level in our profession.

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Andras Osskó Making his presentation.

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About 200 participants discussing the development of cadastre in Latin America and the Caribbean.

6 January 2006
András Osskó
Chair Elect, FIG Commission 7